Monday, August 6, 2012

Israel is losing the battle for public opinion in America

U.S. commentators are talking more loudly in the media about Israel's failure to engage with a two-state peace process – which could leave Israel out in the cold when it comes to fateful decisions on Iran as well as disconnecting Israel itself from a democratic future.

By Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie Aug.06, 2012 | 2:25 PM

The government of Israel wants to talk about Iran, but a lot of people did not get the memo.
For an important group of public intellectuals, the occupation of the West Bank is becoming more rather than less important. And we are not talking here about the usual cast of anti-Israel characters, but of mainstream journalists, scholars, and opinion makers – those who write in middle-of-the-road, general publications with a broad readership.
Something is happening—a turning point, I suspect. No matter how much Israel’s leaders want to change the subject, it’s not working.
Exhibit A, of course, is New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, whose already-famous column of August 1 ripped into Mitt Romney’s visit to Israel and, in the process, castigated Israel for its building of settlements and its less-than-aggressive advocacy for a two-state solution. Friedman has made these arguments before, although rarely with such vehemence. In the last week, efforts have been made yet again to dismiss Friedman as an Israel hater, and yet again, they have failed; Friedman is a centrist, a moderate, and, by the way, the most important foreign policy columnist in the world.
Bee's Note:
It is not appropriate to disagree with a Rabbi's opinions, but in this case I must do just that - disagree wholeheartedly.
 How many remember Israel's brief Operation Cast Lead war with Gaza?  After 8 years of constant terrorist attacks and bombings into Israel's towns by Hamas/Palestinians/Gaza, Israel finally responded in defense of her citizens.  (How long did it take America to respond to 9/11's attack and how long have we been fighting this war on terror?)  I would say Israel's patience is that of Job.
And how many remember Justice Richard Goldstone's "investigative report into so-called war crimes committed by Israel?  Do you think the UN will insist on a "fact-finding mission" of USA war crimes once our troops leave Afghanistan?  Of course not - how silly!  Do you now see a double standard when it comes to Israel defending itself  and its citizens?
Who can measure America's public opinion when using the Main Stream Media (MSM) as its measuring stick, knowing that the MSM is liberal, its journalists in the tank for Obama, and so biased that Israel hasn't a chance of a fair hearing (much like Goldstone's report).
During Operation Cast Lead, I supported Israel (along with many Americans) on one of USA's international newspapers online.  We wanted Israel to end the terror, but world leaders, including the West, insisted Israel back down before the job was completed.  Israel complied and since then, Hamas Palestinians (off shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood) continues to attack and shoot off missiles into the Israeli population (how soon they forget!  Or, is it that Hamas knows it can get away with their terror, depending on the world leaders to condemn Israel if she responds in kind to the bombings?).  The world is silent to every attack upon Israel - silent until Israel's patience runs out again and finds it necessary to eliminate the problem once and for all.  I guarantee that when that day comes, it won't take 10 years.
As for the defense of Israel's right to defend herself, the newspaper I posted on continued to print biased reports against Israel and those supporting Israel had numerous comments removed, while those comments bashing Israel were allowed to "stand".  How frustrating!  I decided to open a blog supporting America's ally Israel after the war ended, because there is no fear of liberal moderators removing comments and expressions of dismay over the treatment of Israel from Obama's disdain towards Israel on a blog.
There are far more competent writers and blogs supporting Israel; and I enjoy reading the commentaries from the Israeli blogs, for they open a window into the history and background of the Middle East that one will never be exposed to by the MSM, nor are the facts and truth a characteristic of journalism in the MSM.
In closing, I would like to say to Israel's leaders that it is not America's "public opinion" spreading propaganda to harm you; it is America's present administration and its "leaks" that harm your ability to defend your citizens properly!  But, in your wisdom, you already understand this thorn in your side.  
American supporters of Israel ask, "How long?  How long before you take the bull by the horns and do whatever is necessary to end the threats of annihilation by Iran?"  Our present administration will insist on "talks" with madmen until the cows come home, or until Iran obtains it ability to use that nuclear bomb.  
Israel, as in every war since 1948, you will have to go it alone.  But, when you make your decision, I look up to the sky and know, as do you, that you are never alone.