Saturday, August 11, 2012

How well we met - Avraham Fried - It's so good that we met - Avraham Fried

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If a short while ago, we were far 
now has a big relief, crying and laughing 

because it's a connection of souls, it's a real relationship 
and good feelings are warm, accompanied me how good, how well we met, what am I without you with thrilling, all this for you some good, some Well we met, here face to face favorite songs, thanks for the years you are with me in any situation, accompanied me to look in your heart right now, light that stays with me because you give me strength, give you joy your heart wide open to me Chorus ... just before we part, collect the songs for a while that happy days will come a new day for us, Yair clear skies and even sing together all the songs dedicated to love Hamutal Ben Zeev talents!

Avraham Fried - Keep Climbing