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Israel-Palestinians: "Concessions vs. Obligations" - "What Difference Does it Make?"

My friend Bruce F. commented:"IF ISRAEL HAD THE DEATH PENALTY, THIS WOULD BE A MOOT POINT".   He was referring to the latest article in The Times of Israel:
"Rachel Weiss and her three small children were on their way to a family affair in Tiberias on October 30, 1988. As the bus the family was riding passed the northern outskirts of Jericho, it was ambushed and set ablaze with three Molotov cocktails. Rachel (26) and her three boys Netanel (3), Rephael (2) and Efraim (9 months) were killed in the attack, as was IDF soldier David Delarosa who attempted to rescue the family.Jomaa Adam, the terrorist who perpetrated the attack, is reportedly among the 82 Palestinian prisoners jailed by Israel before the signing of 1993 Oslo Peace Accords who will released if newly announced peace talks make headway."
"Let the prisoners die in jail, just as my brother lies dead on Mt. Herzl"
 Many of Israel’s bereaved families find the possible imminent release of 82 pre-Oslo terrorists unconscionable   July 22, 2013, 5:54 pm  THE TIMES OF ISRAEL

What I find interesting is the fact that Abbas has not agreed to "talks" unless Israel agrees to "pre-1967" conditions.  The prospect of releasing Palestinians terrorists from the Israeli prisons is just the beginning of appeasements expected by the West/Kerry and the PLO/Fatah "Palestinian" Abbas.  

Why would Israel place her survival of both land and security on the line BEFORE talks have been agreed upon?  What happened to PM Netanyahu's former commitments to the Israeli citizens that talks must begin "without preconditions"?

One of the best summary's relating to Kerry's "push" for "peace talks" is by Daniel Greenfield -  Front Page Magazine, dated July 18, 2013:
Chief Palestinian Negotiator Claims Not To Have Pre-Conditions for Talks, Lists PreConditions for Talks
John Kerry and Saeb Erekat
The Peace Process between Israel and the terrorists has become like one of those washed up rock stars who still does shows but no one really expects anything from him anymore. Everyone knows the routine, the bizarre antics and the crazy statements.
While Kerry frantically tries to restart the peace talks, the terrorist side wants pre-conditions for even talking to Israel. Setting preconditions to negotiations means you don’t really want to negotiate.
Chief Palestinian Negotiator Saeb Erekat was speaking to reporters shortly after Kerry met in Ramallah with PA President Mahmoud Abbas -  the third meeting of its kind between the two since last Friday.
“We don’t have pre-conditions for the resumption of the negotiations,” Erekat said. “There are obligations that Israel should fulfill – halting settlement construction, accepting the principle of the two-state solution and releasing prisoners imprisoned before the end of 1994.”
So Erekat and his boss Abbas, who is swiftly running out of Prime Minister and isn’t bothering with elections anymore, don’t have “pre-conditions” for talks.
What they have are obligations that they unilaterally invented and expect Israel to accept. Those obligations including releasing terrorists with blood on their hands and preemptively ceding all the land that the Palestinian Authority wants to it.
You might expect that these obligations would come about as the outcome of a peace process. But nope. The PA doesn’t bother to negotiate anymore. It demands concessions in exchange for attending negotiations.
But don’t call them concessions. Call them obligations.
As former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton once said, "At this point, what difference does it make?".  The "difference" is: 
Israeli voters voted for Benjamin Netanyahu and no concessions, No compromises, no releases of terrorists who murdered their families and friends. They woke up and got Yasser Arafat.
I am so sickened and outraged by all this. Seems no leader in the West outside of Harper has the balls and brains they were born with.  You don't live in a country that not only will remove you from your home - but will release the killers of your family members and friends." - Alan R.
I'll ask again: "Why are we even discussing another "two" state "solution" with the PLO/Palestinians, when they already have a state - it's called Jordan?!"

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