Friday, July 26, 2013

YOU KNOW the USA and EU Work AGAINST Israel, Right?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

BHO stands with Israel-Leans to PA toon

"I continue to stand beside Israel" - says Obama.

© July 17, 2013
You know the Mainstream Media is primarily Leftist in its worldview, right? You know that the Democratic Party is not even close to the projected image of a reputation as the Party of the People, right? You know that Leftists blame Israel’s existence for all the violence projected toward the West, right? You know that Left influenced Western nations – including the USA’s Left Wing government – have joined together to force Israel to give up more of their ancestral land to placate a group of Arabs that were self-proclaimed as Palestinians ONLY in the 1960s under the influence of Jew-Hating Muslim Arab nations under the guise of theopolitical Islamic Supremacism. These Arab nations had no intention of creating a “Palestinian State,” you know that right? From 1948 through 1967 the goal of Arab nations surrounding the rebirthed nation Israel was to destroy it and divvy up the land between the biggest Arab military dogs bordering Israel; viz. Egypt, Jordan and Syria, you know that right?
Under the illusion of “land for peace” the UN, the EU, the USA and Russia are placing unreported (in America anyway) diplomatic arm twisting to force Israel to give up Judea-Samaria (aka West Bank) and the eastern half of the Holy City Jerusalem - which by the way contains the huge wall remnants of the ancient Jewish Temple – to a group of Arabs that really have no ancestral ties to the ancient land of Israel. There are NO Palestinians. There are Arabs that are descendants of refugees that awaited invading Arab armies to kill the Jews and claim the land as conquest in the same way Islam has done for over 1500 years.
Therein lies the real Middle Eastern problem: Islamic holy writings call for Jihad to expel any infidel that has retaken land once conquered by Muslim armies. God help us! That includes that miniscule amount of land that is only a fraction of Israel’s ancestry. Islam must destroy Israel because its existence is an effrontery and insult to Allah and the false-deity’s prophet Mohammed. And if you watch the news YOU KNOW how Muslims react when they believe their deity and prophet have been maligned by non-Muslims. Muslims go hog-wild in rampages of destruction and death against the closest symbols of the West or the unfortunate non-Muslims (mostly Christians) living in Muslim dominated lands.

Bee's note:
If you have been reading the articles, especially this week, you will note the betrayals of the EU and the "West" against Israel.  And, if you have been paying attention, you will also note that there have been major "leaks" from the White House these past few weeks in relation to Israel's intelligence; a few weeks ago, in relation to the civil war in Syria; and a few months ago, in publishing plans/contract between Israel and the United States on a WH government website.

However, the betrayals and bullying from the White House has been on-going for over five years; can't blame the previous President for the actions of the present President Obama.  Mistake?  Hardly!  Most people learn from their mistakes, never to be repeated again!  This administration continually publishes information about Israel's intelligence in the NYT and other media and when caught, they simply brush it off as a "mistake".  

The hypocrisy of this administration is clear: they are after Snowden, a man who has "leaked" information on NSA and yet, this same White House has no problem doing the same against America's closest ally in the Middle East.

You judge if they are "mistake" or a deliberate war of information against our ally Israel.  The administration has placed Israel in a very dangerous position; one that could cost the lives of many Israelis.  If you support Israel, please contact your representatives and demand that Congress find a way to stop the "leaks".