Friday, July 26, 2013

The White House Ramadan Feast and a Message to Obama

Bee's note:  Is it just me, or is the White House doing its best to demonstrate its "true" colors this week?  Stupidity just keeps creeping out of Barack Hussein's mouth like flies on honey! The American people would like to remind their "president" of a few "contributions" by his friends that we shall always remember.  

First, here's another quote from our dear "leader" - just one month before the anniversary of September 11th.

Hussein Obama at White House Ramadan meal: 
"Muslim Americans and their good works have helped to build our nation, and we've seen the results"
Yeah, well .... must he remind us? ->

By the way, wasn't that the same speech he gave in Cairo in 2009?  You remember, the one in which he attempted to rewrite half of America's history, plus that of Israel's.  Sure did set the world on fire - just look at how well Egypt is doing today, with the Muslim Brotherhood fighting to remain in power (and Obama choosing the side of the terrorist Morsi/MB).

Cairo, Egypt
Egyptian uprising - Morsi vs. Military

Oh, and let's not forget Benghazi, Libya, (America's SECOND 9-11) where 4 dead Americans' families were just told this week in a speech by Obama, that these are "phony" scandals disrupting his ability to focus on the economy.  How's that for "contributions" by Islam?!
Benghazi, burned out after 9/11 attacks.
Night of terror - Benghazi
Ambassador Stevens and 3 Navy Seals murdered

In closing, here's the latest list of "contributions" by Muslims around the world:

Remember - "Religion of Peace"!
"Because if you think all religions are the same,
you just haven't been paying attention."



“Islamophobia” Is Ad Hominem
No, Obama, the Muslims did not help build America, nor are their any "good works" through their ignorant teachings of hate.  Ask our troops; ask the victims of the Boston bombing; ask the Muslims in Syria; ask the Jewish families in Israel, who have lost loved ones by the Palestinian Arabs.  There is no place safe in this world, nor safe corner to hide from the "contributions" of Islam!  How dare you mock our culture and the US Constitution in an attempt to lift up those who have done much damage to our land and its citizens. Please, stop expecting America to believe your fairytale version of who and what made America great.

Our ground is soaked with the blood of almost 3,000 American victims of Islam; and again, on 9/11/2012 Americans died at the hands of Islam. The world could do much better without so many "contributions" by the people celebrating Ramadan this month.

Islam has proven their inability to live in today's society.  Ask the Europeans, or the United Kingdom, and that is the future of America, if you do not cease from supporting those who wish us all dead.

Let us pray!  God bless America! Amen!

O America, the Spirit of the American People

h/t Jack WV