Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Son of a son of a Kenyan

Son of a son of a Kenyan

As the son of a son of a Kenyan
I went to Washington D.C for adventure
Expanding the view of the government on you
Its a plan just to make you indentured

As a killer of dreams and a liberal man
I have played golf for many a mile
Read dozens of books about socialist crooks
And I learned much from their radical style

Son of a son, son of a son
Son of a son of a Kenyan
Son of a bum, impregnated a ton
Mom was just one of his minions

Now here in the near future
Southeast of disorder
You can shake the hand of an illegal man
As we open up the border

And the lady she hails from Chicago
City of high kill’n
Guns on the street, where murder is sweet
Where Jesse Jackson don’t care cause he’s chill’n

Haul the peeps in as we distribute to them
Way my forefathers harnessed before us
Hear the bells ring as the media sings
all my praises just like a song chorus

Where it all ends you can’t fathom my friends
If you knew you would freak out in anger
But I cruise along all the polling is wrong
I’m a lawyer a thief and a banker.

Jimmy Buffett - Son Of A Son Of A Sailor Lyrics

h/t Jack WV

Note: I do not know who wrote the song dedicated to the "Kenyan", but received this from a friend.