Monday, July 29, 2013

Raise Your Hands if you Approve of Releasing Palestinian Terrorists!

Bee's note: Yesterday, I posted my friend Ron's opinion on Israel's appeasement of releasing of 100 plus terrorists - a demand (precondition) set by Abbas/Kerry, before Abbas would agree to sit at the same table with Israel's leaders. Ron's analogy of releasing one hundred "wasps", while Israeli citizens are surrounded by millions, is the example he used and one that the West refuses to acknowledge in their push for "peace" among the Arab PLO/Palestinians and Israel.
"Like holding a box a hundred wasps, and around you have millions of the same type. Everyone there - killers of death, the sons of Satan. Netanyahu is right. If you hold a card in your hand, will release as soon as it is beneficial for you, and your opponent thinks he won? Let him think that, that will feed his dogs himself. After 20 years in Israeli jails, it is no longer useful, let them be here. They are all criminals."  
And, let us not forget the EU's hands in this "one-way" street, as they announced last week of their intentions of boycotting Israel's goods/exports.  One-way is the Arab's "Palestinian" way, backed up by both the U.S. and the E.U..  Like my friend Ron, I believe the pressure upon Israel is disgusting.  

We might as well use Hillary's outrageous comment, "What difference does it make?" as long as the world facilitates the goals of these people who call themselves "Palestinians". Thank you, dear world, for supporting those same people who do not accept Israel's right to exist; and, for speaking sweet nothings in the ears of terrorists, who say "The only good Jew is a dead Jew".  Iran is not the only country who wishes to wipe Israel off the face of the map!  All who support the outcome of the Islamic rulers/Dictators, using the "Palestinians" to steal the hearts and souls of all Jews, which is Israel, have bloody hands.  

And, speaking of bloody hands, here's a photo of the contributions of the "Palestinians", posted on Muqata:

SUNDAY, JULY 28, 2013  

Raise Your Hands if you Approve of Releasing Palestinian Terrorists!

A Palestinian raises his bloodied hands in victory to a cheering crowd after brutally murdering 2 IDF reserve soldiers who made a wrong turn into PA controlled Ramallah.

If you think that a precondition for peace talk negotiations should be to release savage murderers from jail, then raise your hands!

If you think Israel should make a mockery of it's judicial system, and spit in the faces of the broken Israeli families whose children and parents were slaughtered by Palestinian terrorists, raise your hands!

If you think that Prime Minister Netanyahu should ignore popular sentiment and release terrorists just for the privilege of  sitting down at a table with a society that glorifies civilian murderers, then raise your hands!

If you think that Israel should bow to American pressure, endanger the lives of its citizens and soldiers, and free murderers while the US refuses to free Jonathan Pollard, raise your hands!

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