Saturday, August 3, 2013

U.S. Embassies Close - al-Qaeda Not on the Run

Americans Stand with Israel
Saturday, August 3, 2013
by Bee Sting
How many times did he speak of Osama is dead and al Qaeda is on the run?

Benghazi changed all that, even though Obama and his staff had quickly tried to blame a You Tube video for the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans, on Sept. 11,2012.  During the debates with Romney, there was a brief exchange, with the moderator siding with Obama, as he made claims that he had declared the attacks "terrorism" in the Rose Garden the day after the attacks.  And yet, there is a man in prison today, 11 months later, for creating that particular video with barely 500 views BEFORE the administration decided that video was a great way to sidetrack the world into believing the uprisings in Egypt and Libya were all about someone speaking out against Islam.

Obama's May 23rd speech changes slightly from his famous "al-Qaeda is on the run", as the war in Afghanistan winds down.  

The United States of America, as much as we would like to think has a strong influence in the world, needs to wake up! Islam hates us - period!  The Muslim nations hated us before 9/11 and eleven years later, they still hate us.  It doesn't matter if terrorists call themselves "al Qaeda", Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, or the 
Taliban - they hate America and what our nation represents.

America, for all its goodness and love of freedom, has no influence in nations under Islamic dictators/kings, who rule with the iron hands of Islam and Sharia laws.  For every drone we send out to assassinate a "terrorist", one thousand more will take its place and, this weekend, United States Embassies will close, due to "terrorists threats".
Whether these threats are real or imagined, a cover up and distraction for the latest revelations on Benghazi's role in supplying arms to terrorists, one thing is certain: al Qaeda is NOT on the run - America is running from Islamic terrorism. We are acting like the victims of defeat!  We are not standing our ground! 

I do have one question: If the threat forcing our Embassies to shut down is that ominous  why has our government announced this to the world?  We are on the defense, rather than the offense.  Why not roll up the sidewalks in America, because those big, bad terrorists are threatening us.
Isn't it interesting that Israelis lives under the cloud of threats 24-7, with missiles fired by terrorists living on its borders and yet, their lives continue to be productive, as they contribute to the world in all fields of endeavor, with barely a complaint as a rocket lands on the roof of an Israeli citizen's home. 
America was never at war with Islam - Islam is at war with America and all democracies in this world.  A good example is: Britons urged to leave Yemen as embassy is closed.

Yemeni security officer manning a heavy gun mounted on the back of a truck stationed outside the British embassy in the capital Sanaa. September 2002  Photo: AFP

A young British soldier was beheaded in broad daylight a month ago; train bombings in Spain; Israelis killed in Bulgaria bus suicide bombing; in France, an al-Qaeda member murdered Jewish school children and a Rabbi; two brothers who immigrated to the U.S., chose Islam and bombed a crowd of people attending the Boston Marathon.  The website Religion of Peace records all attacks, deaths, wounded by the followers of Islam and this list grows daily.  When anyone speaks of the "contributions" by the Muslim world, as Obama often does, I refer you to "The Religion of Peace" and read up on their latest contributions.

Is al-Qaeda "on the run"?  Yes, they are running to and fro throughout the world to cause as much grief and suffering as possible, for their hatred runs deeper than it did 1400 years ago and that is reality.  And al-Qaeda is just one of thousands of Islamic terrorist organizations - all hiding behind their face masks, as cowards, playing the game of hide and seek, without wearing uniforms of any army, often hiding behind their own women and children as they send rockets into the air to strike at innocent civilians (like Iran-supported Hamas.  

Nations of the free world need to unite together and support each other in this War on Terror.  That would include supporting our ally Israel and cease this nonsense of falling for the Arab MUSLIM "Palestinian" propaganda.  And while I'm on the subject of Israel's enemies - who are also the enemies of the USA, when Iran says even today, under their new President, that their goals to kill Jews have not changed (there are no "moderates") we should believe their intentions and words; stop thinking a little chat with their leaders will change their minds or threats against Israel and the United States.  Iran is the largest supplier of missiles to terrorist organizations in the Middle East and Africa. 

Our troops have fought, many have died from the hands of al-Qaeda, the Taliban and as they wrap up their tour in Afghanistan, the closings of US Embassies is proof that the intentions of Islamic terrorists are prepared to fight long after we leave the countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Either we face the enemy within and without, or our troops have died in vain. They have fought valiantly for over 12 years in foreign lands, and while this administration has disguised the names of our enemies under the cloak of "political correctness", our soldiers understood that the names may change, but the tactics and face of our enemies have not changed.

My message to the terrorists throughout the world is simple:  We're not dead, we have the will and stamina to fight you and your ideology forever; we have not raised a "white" flag of surrender; and as patriots, we are willing to defend our land here in the United States and abroad.  Unlike your Muslim victims, we have the right to be armed under our Constitution and are not afraid to stand our ground.  So, pass out the candy and sweets and celebrate what you think is your victory, but in the end, your own ideology of 1400 years will be your defeat. America is your worse nightmare and we will haunt you in your caves, your dirt piles, and tunnels.  You teach your children to hate us, but do not think America's tolerance is a tolerance of evil. 
I am an American and proud of my country.  We have always been the first to demonstrate compassion towards the sufferings of other nations; we have fought in two World Wars and countless other wars to defend the defenseless; but we're not hiding behind rocks in fear of your threats.  A few Embassies may close, but we're always ready to do whatever is necessary to fight the evil of cowardly terrorists.
May God bless America, always.
 ... Bee Sting

I have placed this on a "PAGE" listed at the top right hand side of this blog, under August 4th, attached to Rush Lambaugh's article about Benghazi and the closing of our Embassies.  

However, I feel a strong message from our President would have done much to reassure Americans, our allies, and the enemies of our nation.  Instead, whatever appears as his "weakness" is not extended to American patriots. Americans are not weak-kneed, frightened cowards.  We have faced adversity in the past, and have proven that even with the bombing of Pearl Harbor, or tall buildings in New York City, we are prepared to defend our nation.  That's not a threat, that's a promise; take it to your Arab banks and deposit it, for it's as good as gold.  .... Bee Sting