Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"We Want our State, with Jerusalem, Complete and Undistributed" - by Ron, from Israel

Jerusalem, Israel 
July 31, 2013 - Wednesday
(Hebrew translated)
Ron, from Israel
There has never been a nation named "Palestine", and their capital city of Jerusalem. We must not let that happen.
Must support Israel against it. Israel was in exile for more than 2000 years. Israel wanted to return back to her homeland, back to Israel at this time, but the truth was that the people Christians and Muslims did not give it.

What gave it was voted that the United Nations after World War II. Maybe it's one thing after the destruction of the Jews that the Jews have won the state.

The world replied back to its former glory.

2000 years is a number hard for you to think about and that some generations said, "Next year in Jerusalem." 

We want our state, with Jerusalem, complete and undistributed.  No Arab nation in Jerusalem and no Muslims on the Temple Mount.  The Jews strive for peace, quiet, with no death.

It is not possible to have a situation of Muslims with the belief that Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, belongs to them. They give murder, terror, and for it we retreat; we leave our country - we just want to grow our children "in peace".

But when we withdraw because of missiles, because of terrorism, so from a place we leave them,

They put new missile launchers, and missiles coming to the stomach that is, we have no where to go anymore. And after that they want "right of return" of Palestinians ", releasing murderers from prison.  

And the people of Israel no more breath, and that the goal of Muslims threaten. that we will be exterminated.

And if we will not have a country, we will be destroyed again and again. And the world will blame us, that the world does not tolerate foreign population., But we suffer those who call themselves "Palestinians" and their fathers from Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, etc. ".. Foreigners, that rob us, and we make agreements with thieves of our cities and holy places throughout Israel.

What will you do when the Muslims become the majority, and they will say, "ours Paris, Berlin, belongs to us; or, New York belongs to us"!  That’s our situation. They have no manners and no shame.

Ron, from Israel

Bee's note:
It is beyond me how the Arab "Palestinians", Holocaust deniers, Jew-haters, are allowed to discuss "peace" with Israel, when from his pwm lips, Abbas denies the possibility for Jews to live on one speck of land, if the "Palestinians" are rewarded with a "state".  
Please read: As Peace Talks Begin, Abbas Rules out any Israeli Presence in Palestinian State by Shlomo Cesana, Yoni Hirsch, Israel Hayom Staff and News Agencies   "PA President Mahmoud Abbas: Not a single Israeli can remain on Palestinian lands."

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