Monday, July 29, 2013

The Palestinian Authority - Israel: The Sacrifice of Peace

Hebrew Translation **:: 

The terrorists are "soldiers" of the Palestinian Authority, the heroes of the Authority, and the Authority is a huge committee for the release of their prisoners, And no matter whether we call them terrorists and murderers vile , they have a very strong committee.
And as a committee, if the committee can act on their "Success", it is just gaining more power and respect and momentum.

So, to release or not to release, is the debate.   Well and although true, the Prime Minister, in the current situation, was to pull out the best card he has to propel negotiations.

The problem:  Palestinians state that a prisoner release is the winning card by Netanyahu to continue the dialogue. Our failure -, we could not bring them to negotiations without a gesture of releasing murderers / terrorists.

It is not a complete victory for Israel that actually releasing prisoners with blood on their hands is something that is not immoral.
We revere the morality of their disturbed request that Israel "must release murderers."   From our perspective, we achieve a political achievement, but at a price that is not going right, and we know that, so we just reinforce them.

The Palestinian Authority's request to release murderers only answers the question asked:
Was the Palestinian Authority previously in favor of, or against the murder of Israelis, or just Hamas?  Here came the answer from the fact that the Palestinian Authority does not go forward without the release of people with blood on their hands. 
But is Netanyahu doing the right thing?  You could say that in the current situation, the Palestinian Authority is not giving Netanyahu any other choice.
The releasing of murderers must be stopped in the future with the Constitution and/or Laws of Israel, so that the PA does not exploit or bend over our morality, which is something ,  they manage to do,now. Our anger against Netanyahu should be reflected on the PA, who puts us in degrading conditions, such as releasing murderers.
Our anger towards Netanyahu will not right that injustice.  Justice for Israel should be established by law, so that Israel shall not be releasing prisoners with blood on their hands in the future. To-date, such a law does not exist
What position the politics and policies to submit to is a painful sacrifice,of Israeli morality on the altar for the continued dialogue. This creates holes of sieve, so any fool can bet that no real peace will come while sacrificing morality for something like" peace" Or something that requires an enlightened values, such as maintaining security, or success of the talks. 
The talks collapsed before they began, even if we wanted them, because we will release prisoners with blood on their hands.  So basically, we sacrifice morality himself, that peace is the morality and morality goes with the peace.
From political examination, it is a temporary achievement and currently, without a long future. **Note:  The non-release of the prisoners have been a continuing political deadlock.
As a result, the process based has been from the beginning, with holes in their tracks, and mistakes in the values appeal, mistakes and failure continue to come.

Mistake of the Authority, is that they were able to degrade the value of our morality in insisting on the release of the prisoners. 
This is a long-term mistake and at the end of it, a mistake of failure, but I doubt if they understand that they made it upon themselves by their request to release the prisoners/terrorists.
However, that made reproduction of facts emerge but that news is still not visible on the surface. No Palestinian state alongside the State of Israel will be, as politics does not produce a Palestinian state when the victim for peace is the abattoir without moral ideal of peace. This is a fact and the result will be revealed and growing, starting now.
Palestinian Authority that has begun to thaw the freeze for the release of prisoners security, burying the chances of all word for peace,That the horizon is drawn where the wind leads. Finally, from not knowing, Israeli politics plays into the "Palestinian Tribute" Gesture that Palestinians can not handle, from his being .
Even those who support the process can understand that the biggest mistake that the Palestinians did to themselves is demand the release of their PA prisoners.
The sacrifice of peace with all its parts, for the release of prisoners with blood on their hands. - This is a card that they're on (PA).  They asked from Netanyahu playing on the table.   Netanyahu gave in to give a political card, but the table itself can not contain all its weight. The talks intended for it will become a clear failure and will grow anything for the Palestinian Authority, but such a mistake will be paid 
The world is not cheap. 

Ron, from Israel

c. - July 29, 2013

Bee's note:  

** All "bold" and "highlights" in Ron's analysis of the "Peace" process between the PA's and Israel are my own.  Translating from Hebrew to English, I wanted to be certain that Ron's key points were not missed in the process.

Until reading Ron's commentary, I had little hope for success for Israel.  Israel's forced release of terrorists from their prisons to jump-start negotiations with the PA's gave the appearance of Israel waving the white flag of surrender.  Many articles written over the weekend will attest to the fact that supporters for Israel were losing hope for her survival, with both the US and the EU siding with the Arab Palestinians.  

Now I understand what is truly a revelation - it is not Israel who has lost, but the Palestinian Authority.  As Ron says, their huge mistake in demanding the release of their own terrorists/prisoners has caused the discussions/talks to fail before they even begin.  The world leaders supporting the PA's do not have the wisdom to understand that what Abbas demanded before he came to the "table" is exactly what will cause him to fail. His mistake will cost him and all Palestinians, whether in Gaza or the West Bank any chances of a "Palestinian State" within the boundaries of the Land of Israel.  

It is the Palestinian Authority, not Israel, who sacrificed peace for their murderers.

A request for murderers is not the way to peace.  The "card" they will receive on heavy parchment will be signed "Huge Mistake!".  Peace goes only with logic, with morality and not with the contempt of the other party.   The world is not anarchy. The world was created for good and as Ron stated, "The world not cheap".

"Jerusalem will never be divided"