Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gilad Shalit: The Value of One Life through the Eyes of an Israeli Citizen

Americans Stand with Israel
October 11, 2011
by Bee Sting

Breaking news reported throughout the Internet, in all Israel's newspapers and amazingly, even in the liberal news media today - 

Report: Shalit to be Released By November

Wednesday evening (tomorrow), October 12, 2011 - Wednesday, October 19, 2011, Sukkot is celebrated in Israel and among all Jews throughout the world (followed immediately by the holiday of Simchat Torah).  It is also called "The Season of Our Rejoicing"

How fitting for all Israel to be filled with great joy in this season, on this day, that news of one of Israel's son's, Gilad Shalit, will be coming home soon, after being the captive of terrorists who walk in darkness, refusing to allow the Red Cross or any sign of humanity and decency these past five years.  Ah, but Gilad is an Israeli and has the "Light" within him.  If his jailers had an ounce of understanding of the hope within Gilad, they would be robbed of whatever pleasure they had in torturing this young Israeli.

One thousand terrorists are to be released in exchange for one young Israeli soldier. One good life for one thousand evil terrorists!  To most of us, including myself, this is difficult to wrap my mind around, as it appears hell's gates shall be opened to give liberty to the worse evil on the face of this earth.

Why? Why would Israel allow murders and evil suicide bombers be released for the sake of   one Israeli soldier? I could not understand or answer this question; however, my Israeli friend has taken the time to explain to me (and a group of our friends) why Israel has agreed to the terms of Hamas in order to gain Gilad's freedom. Not all readers will agree with one man's perspective, but he has given me permission to print his response. For me, he shed great light on Israel's difficult decision and here is his response translated from Hebrew)

October 11, 2011
E-mail from: RonYisrael, Rehovot Israel
Re: Gilad Shalit
To my friends:
I thank you for your comments. It shows you want to understand our logic.  My answer may be long, I'll try to be short with this, dear friends, with your permission.
On War - Peace for Galilee, was an Israeli prisoner - Ron Arad. He did not return and today, , we are still waiting for him - willing to pay any price for his return. Ron Arad, 25 years old, and if possible, we would pay even the sky if it would bring Israel his release; but Hezbollah and Iran deny that he was/is in their hands.
Israel offered for Ron Arad, not just prisoners, but also war equipment, (that may, of course, be against us). That even one Israeli, for us, is impossible to explain - the value of one Israeli's life and what it means to us.
On how cynical and cold, turn from what one Egyptian to Egypt equals, or one Iranian to Iran, and on this road, I'll go to the time that we did not have a past and we were for the most part, a vulnerable people on earth; for a fixed period of two thousand years, as one who could hurt us, he did not and would not hesitate.
We live now in our country, from a place that we will defend for every Jew, wherever he is. On target for its peace. We extended the war on Hamas three years ago, to find Gilad. We refused to give up, but the world said "Israel is enough for you". And with a click of the U.S. and countries around the world, we were forced to leave the search for Gilad, with great pain. We tried to find him all the time, and learned that he is surrounded by suicide bombers, and in scores of suicide bombers, if we try to free him, we were afraid for his life.
Everything that bothers us, that Gilad will come home no more, like our wait for Ron Arad -number two. We desired to bring Gilad home at all costs, and it's not just the price of the prisoners; it was a fact, even at the cost of war, because Gilad is one of our own.  And more, he is a soldier, on mission, in the nation of Israel. For me, this is my brother, and is one of Israel's sons and the value of his life is worth any price, so that one day he may have children and start a home in Israel, and for Israel, it's worth it to give in to him, every thing in heroism. I ask, if he was Moses, if he was Joshua, if he was one of Israel's prophets, there is no difference; he's Gilad, one from Israel, and is worth more to me than a thousand terrorists.We revere the value of life. They, the terrorists - sanctify themselves by death. One, for a thousand. One of our son's, is also worth more. He has a name, a name in Israel. This is one answer.
Another answer. Every time that Gilad was held by the terrorist organization, our ​​hands were tied. Fearing for his life. Now that Gilad will be released, what will protect the terrorist organization from Israel? He was their insurance. We declare, but after the transaction, all damage in Israel, will be returned with a harsh response.  It will allow us to download all of the Hamas organization, something we refrained from doing and our reason was "Gilead".
We, with the 613 mitzvots of the Torah - one of them, redemption of captives. Sanctify your friend, like that you are for yourself. This mitzvot is the opposite of Islam. Perhaps you know the story: a Fox is laughing on the lioness, because she gave birth to one, and the fox - gave birth to ten; replied the lion, so I brought one, but it's a lion cub. One for a thousand -a thousand murderers, thousand barbarians, thousand Muslims, a thousand monsters, for one that did not kill and did not hit on people in all his days.
Another answer. Institute, and the GSS, and armed forces, gave a confirmation that, if they knew whether or not they could deal with these murderers. Israel, not hurt them after their release. But pay attention, if they hit in Israel, the response will be severe.  The message should be, our rebirth, and renewed war on terrorism, after the transaction. It will be easier, for a captive soldier, if he knew that Israel will do anything for his safety. We are not afraid of risks - "one for a thousand terrorists and we do not surrender to terrorism - for Gilad, or for ourselves.
All will know - for a Hebrew mother, that not for nothing she sent her son. And her son was weighed against any price - one for one thousand.
Anyone from here should know, that for me, a life is the world and everything in it - the value of an Israeli's life is too great - his life, priceless.  And, in dealing with terrorism, draw -  they have no human laws.  Israel will fight them in knowledge and with wisdom, knowing that it can destroy any target; after we have pulled (gained freedom) for our friend, Gilad.
 And that, dear friends, is the perspective of one Israeli and friend, RonYisrael - "One for one thousand".  May we soon hear the shouts of joy all over the world, when Israel says, "Welcome home, Gilad!"  In honor of this news, I would like to share two videos - a prayer for Gilad and his family, Israel: