Thursday, October 13, 2011

Israel: A Nation that Defies all Logic - by Bee Sting


The Boundaries of the Land are given as a COMMANDMENT (Numbers 34:2). While nobody doubts that the true Land of Israel includes all the territories west of the River Jordan, few are aware of where the southern and northern borders of the biblical Promised Land actually are. 

The final settlement of Israel as prophesied by Ezekiel completely defies all present-day conceptions in the mass media of the settlement Israel should accept, showing that the true boundaries of the Land stretch from the eastern arm of the Nile delta up north to the Turkish city of Antakya (Antiochia) north of 36 degrees Lat. N. The mountain spur above Antakya is HOR HA-HAR, Mount Hor mentioned in Numbers 34:8 as the northern point of Israel's Mediterranean border. Any "settlement" that does not take this into account is doomed to ultimate failure, for "the G-d's counsel is what will stand" (Proverbs 19:21). Of course the Land will only become Israel's without contest when Israel will fulfill its part of the Conditions of G-d's Covenant to give them the Land.

Many reading Boker Tov, Boulder's brief discourse on "Boundaries of the Land of Israel" would say, as 99% of the world leaders constantly say, "This defies all logic!"  They would say, "Hey, that was then, and this is now - 2011; the world has determined since 1948 the size and borders of Israel.  

And the world continues to prick at Israel's "settlements".  It wan't enough that the Jews had finally come home after 2,000 years of wandering (a plant is even named after her, called the "Wandering Jew" - photo); after nearly being annihilated during WWII; after surviving numerous wars since she first became a "State" (please see:Arab-Israeli Wars (1948-Present), by "historyguy").  We hear great speeches given at the United Nations, by many of the same terrorists who work diligently to eradicate a token piece of land called Israel - by splitting her up again and demanding she freeze her "settlements".  Why, the world cannot sleep nights, as it foams at the mouth for its inability to determine where Israel's nation's Capital should be - certainly not her holy city, the City of King David, Jerusalem!  If Israel were not so arrogant and willingly split her Capital city, giving a portion to the Arab "palestinians", there would be "peace".  If only Israel would stop being so stubborn!  Some would say, "Israel defies all logic".

Yes, Israel defies logic.  Over 12,000 missiles from Gaza; Arab nations ganging up on her with their flags waving and tanks bearing down on her and yet, she continues to thrive, grow, build, contribute to the world's needs with break-through technology and modern day science.  Rejoicing that she lives, while all around her, there is nothing but death and uprisings among her neighbors.

And now, she again defies logic.  She has offered to release ONE THOUSAND of the worse terrorists in exchange for ONE captured Israeli soldier.  Her enemies are celebrating in the streets, and those who support her shake their heads in wonderment over Israel's illogical decision to agree to the terms of Hamas, knowing that it will only be a matter of days before those same released prisoners attack Israel's citizens.  They say, "Oh Israel, surely you have lost your will to live! Your decision defies logic!"

The other day I printed a report from an Israeli, "The Value of One Life through the Eyes of an Israeli Citizen".  In his message, he compared the sanctity of life for Israelis to the lack of the value for life by the Arab terrorists. For Israel, "One for One Thousand" is a small price to pay in order to rescue and redeem the life of one Jew.  The world cannot understand Israel's reasoning, cannot relate to the experiences of the Jews, since no other race has been hunted down, murdered, burned, forced to live in Ghettos, escape in the darkness of a moonless night, carrying only photos and perhaps, a Torah with them, never looking back at the homes they leave behind ... to live!  The Jewish people defy all logic!

And in closing, staying with the thought "One for One Thousand", the most logical piece on the release of young Gilad, I point you to a beautifully written commentary by Hannah Sternberg, "Gilad Shalit and "The Cruel Calculus of Death", posted in The Tatler, Pajamas Media.  In her closing remarks, she says, "Grief is not logical. That is why it is the duty of those with some distance, however slight, from the tremendous event that Gilad’s release would be, to provide public support to him and his family and the families of terror victims. Sometimes that means it’s better to keep a few of our thoughts and speculations about his mental state to ourselves."
Supporting Israel, respecting her decisions, honoring life above death, loving all that is beautiful, I can only say, "Dear Israel, may you continue to defy all logic."

Americans Stand with Israel - October 13, 2011, Wednesday - by Bee Sting