Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Jews Did It!

12 OCTOBER 2011


Islam's scapegoats for absolutely every problematic situation; crop failure, halitosis, inability to live in the civilized world, and every terror attack since Mohamed stormed Mecca, are the Jews.
The Iranians says it wasn't them who plotted to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to DC, it was the Jews!

However, the plot was exposed when an Iranian confided the plan to an American agent. Not that facts ever enter into the denials of Muslims.

In Egypt, Muslims throw bricks at Coptic funerals of victims that Muslims slaughtered. The Muslims claim they were incited by Jews to kill Copts.

In Tunisia, a Jewish plot to depict Allah in a movie was the excuse for attacking a TV station and trying to burn it to the ground. Folks, in two weeks these barbarians will have their first ever free election! Care to guess how that's going to work out? It won't be good so right now, let's blame the Jews!

The refusal to accept responsibility is kosher in Islam. A Muslim is commanded to keep Islam in a good light. (Yeah, I know how stupid and impossible that sounds.) So if a Muslim caught in crime, he lies which mitigates the damage to Islam, in the eyes of the followers of Satan, aka Allah, in any case.

No where at any time has any Muslim accepted responsibility for anything. Muslims are invited to show me otherwise.

A 240-pound Muslim barrow in New York state saws the head off his 105-pound wife claiming she bullied him and he acted in self-defense and that she was part of a Jewish plot! Hamas fires 8000 rockets into Israel and then claims that Israeli retaliation is an unprovoked attack!

The reason Muslims can't win a Nobel Prize? Jews! Muslims are convinced only a conspiracy by Jews is the reason that the science of Muslims is ignored! Really.

Muslim barrows are the spoiled brats of history. Lay-abouts with a hand full of gimmee and a sneer and a quick lie.

It is Almost Midnight in the West.