Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Is this a sign the Obama Administration Raises a White Flag in Afghanistan?

Hillary Clinton Says Obama Admin Willing To Enter Peace Talks With Radical Islamist Haqqani Network…

Siraj Haqqani
Smart power.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday signaled the United States remains open to exploring a peace deal including the Haqqani network, the militant group that U.S. officials blame for a campaign of high-profile violence that could jeopardize Washington’s plans for withdrawing smoothly from Afghanistan.
“Where we are right now is that we view the Haqqanis and other of their ilk as, you know, being adversaries and being very dangerous to Americans, Afghans and coalition members inside Afghanistan, but we are not shutting the door on trying to determine whether there is some path forward,” Clinton said when asked whether she believed members of the Haqqani network might reconcile with the Afghan government.
“It’s too soon to tell whether any of these groups or any individuals within them are serious,” she said in an interview with Reuters.
Inclusion of the Haqqani network in a hoped-for peace deal — now a chief objective in the Obama administration’s Afghanistan policy after a decade of war — is a controversial idea in Washington.
Hillary, you are fired! You prove over and over again that like your boss, you are unfit to lead the United States of America! Pack your bags honey and call it a day. You make phone calls to the families of terrorist and apologize that a lovely drone killed their terrorist son and now, you and Obama's administration want to sit down and have tea and doughnuts with this militant group of filthy, cranky crackpots!  
Is anyone out there?  Congress, for heaven's sake, WAKE UP!  I don't think there will be anything left to our country if we wait until 2012.