Sunday, October 9, 2011

VIDEO: The Taliban: The Truth About The War In Afghanistan [Uncensored]

The Taliban: The Truth About The War In Afghanistan [Uncensored]


Nick van Riel/Apostasy and Infidels
Under the Taliban, the good people of Afghanistan suffered enormously: ceaseless violence, crushing poverty, and draconian rule of law. It is time that the truth be told about the war in Afghanistan.

NATO “widely-advertised” operations in Afghanistan yield little result
"Afghanistan’s drug flow remains a huge headache for Russia, where up to 40,000 die each year because of narcotics use and about 2.5 million are turned into drug addicts. Almost ten years on after the US and its NATO allies launched their so-called “Operation Enduring Freedom” Afghanistan remains the world’s largest producer of opium – the key ingredient for heroin."The scale of [drug] endemic has reached such a level, when it threatens international peace and stability in different regions of the world,” Patrushev said.
In move to find a solution to the situation, Moscow has long been pushing for the eradication of opium poppy fields in Afghanistan. “Unfortunately, Russia’s efforts to help counter drug-trafficking have not been supported by the Americans,” Patrushev noted.
Neither the US nor its allies want to eliminate the opium plantations saying that they would not want to remove the only source of income of Afghanistan’s population without providing them with an alternative. But Russia finds this excuse rather confusing.
“We cannot see the logic why destroying coca plantations in Latin America does not threaten lives of local population, while annihilating poppy fields in Afghanistan would lead to people losing sources of income,” the Russian Security Council Secretary observed.
Earlier on Thursday, Patrushev also met with Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai to discuss the situation in the region as well as to talk about future cooperation between Moscow and Kabul, including their economic partnership."...Published: 11 March, 2011
Actually, from previous reports, after the US gave Afghanistan billions, thinking the Afghans would stop the growing of poppies and find other ways to invest the money; Afghan said, "Thank you very much" and continued/expanded their growth in the fields of poppies; so, we returned the favor and gave them more billions ... the fields continue to grow today!  As for the Taliban, did anyone actually think that NATO could sit down and draw these terrorists into some kind of "peace agreement"?! See the following: Taliban Deny Peace Talks with US
As I have previously stated, the citizens of Muslim countries suffer, but as long as the country (any country) remains under Islamic "rule", there shall be no peace - not among its citizens, and certainly not by any influence from the West.  Its leaders will change or be assassinated, they will continue to make deals with other terrorist organizations (be it the Taliban, Hamas, Hezibollah, Muslim Brotherhood, but at the end of the day, Afghan is what it is - Muslim, under Islamic rule).