Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A New England Storm - The night the Pine came crashing down!

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by Bee Sting
October 9, 2013

This blog has been "quiet" for the past two days.  I am posting photos taken in my yard yesterday morning.  On Monday evening, a brief thunderstorm arrived, with heavy winds and lightening:
Lovely day - before the storm
Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2013

What remains of the tree that fell!
Fallen branches throughout the yard.
Lots of "clean up" necessary!

An 80 foot pine tree snapped (hit by lightening), bounced off an oak tree as some of the limbs hit the top part of the house; the weight of the tree shook the entire house as it landed with a thump, taking branches from other trees with it as it fell.

The new roof wasn't damaged and the tree did not come through the roof - that's the good news.

However, when the Insurance Adjuster arrived yesterday morning to survey the damage, we were informed that "house insurance does NOT cover removal of fallen trees".  Insurance only covers removal if the tree(s) are resting on the house.  And that is the bad news!

The costs related to cleanup is about $1500 - $2000 and so, my son went to Home Depot, purchased the largest chain saw they had on the shelf, and began the task of cutting through the limbs yesterday afternoon.  Trees/limbs must be removed before the snow begins falling - winters arrive early in New Hampshire.

If it had been the oak tree, people would have come to remove it immediately for fire wood.  However, pine is not good wood for a fire place or wood stove.  

And that, dear friends, is what has kept me occupied these past few days.

Bee Sting