Saturday, October 12, 2013

"Let Them Eat Cake" - by Former Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith

Bee's note:  A former Navy Seal Benjamin Smith, using his First Amendment rights, wrote the following message "Let Them Eat Cake" this morning and has kindly given me permission to reprint:  Read and be encouraged!

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Fi against the house of Montague and Capulet! This is not a right or left issue, this is a master and slave dispute. These are our monuments. The first amendment gives us the right to peaceably assemble and to have a redress of our grievances. We do not come to DC to start riots, hurt anyone or to attack anything. We are just here to stand firm on the principles forged into us by our military training. 
Rumblings say there are certain groups that will engage in civil disobedience and will stand for the vets on their specific memorials. More Rumblings bring rumors of National Guard movement toward the DC area, and elsewhere. Given the types of people who will actually stand behind what they say and caliber of who is to be in DC this weekend it would only be logical if you were in governance to call in the National Guard if that is true….. The “just in case” option. In this situation, veterans and trucker services take issue with the government on two different issues

Realize that we are dealing with a pissed off demographic that has the ability, training, history of and has done the bidding of the government in warfare defeating “bad guys”.  Veterans, trucker and bikers are just the supposed “sleeping giants” that will not wait for the alarm to sound. Point here is….. we never went to sleep, we see you and we are not going to let you roll this country over into whatever tyranny you subscribe to. We do not seek to have a revolution or have any violence at all, ever; we have seen it and know there is no return from it. But, remember, you’re in service to us and not the other way around. When we get out of the service we get our Constitutions back, including the “Bill of Right”

We are speaking up within out rights, that's all...... we just happen to mean it.

On the other hand we have a government that is most obviously arrogant, abusive and openly going against our sworn Constitution with laws proven to be in violation. Budgetary issues, government shutdown, debt ceiling, healthcare, NDAA funding the enemy with our best weaponry (treasonous activity with Al-Qaeda and Muslim Bro-hood), sending billions of dollars abroad to the people who swear screaming to their god to kill us in jihad, burning our flag, and calling us “Great Satan” seem to be against the will of the governed. We are here to make sure our oath of service is upheld….. you are part of it and you are in violation.

We know that NON-VIOLENT Civil disobedience is a way to get our countrymen to address the problems in the world and to speak honestly. You (the government) seem to be actively trying to stoke race riots, class warfare, the war on women, common core and the elimination of the middle class giving rise to a ruling class (or “political class”, Clinton, Bush, congress, no term limits).

WE ARE THE SONS OF LIBERTY and YOU SHALL NOT PASS. There is only so much a man can take when you are raping his dignity, honor, respect ……OUR AMERICA! American military, truckers, bikers and re-founders do not take kindly to your insolence. We are mad as hell and we are NOT going take it anymore!


Note: In closing, I would like to post a video as a tribute to ALL America's veterans and especially, to those who will be marching tomorrow - Sunday, October 13th - in D.C., at the WWII Memorial:

"This is why they are the greatest generation. They fought for something and wont let the government get stupid and slappy.  VETERANS, start standing because otherwise we have to depend on these guys to save us."  -- Former Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith

WWII Memorial - Washington, D.C.
BREAKING: WWII vets have seized control of the WWII memorial in DC and will not budge. They’re ignoring the “shutdown” orchestrated by Obama and are standing watch at the memorial.
These patriots fought the Nazis and the Japanese army. You think they’re afraid of some wannabe-dictator like Barack Obama? Of course not. They’ve still got it. Do you support the vets? We sure do. There’s a reason they were called “The Greatest Generation”.
It’s time for everyone to learn from this symbolic statement and remember: If you are tired of tyranny, just knock down the barriers. The power is always in the hands of the people.