Saturday, October 12, 2013

Who's to Blame? - by Americans Stand with Israel

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
Saturday, October 12, 2013

A "Barry-cade" prevents visitors from entering the Badlands National Park

Who do we blame?!

From the WWII Memorial to the Grand Canyon and beyond, Obama's shutdown (the first in 17 years) has caused frustration among all Americans.
Obama blames the Republicans and not to be outdone, the Republicans blame the Democrats. The Senate blames the House and the House blames the Senate.
Meanwhile, Independent Truckers organized a 3-day Rally and in short notice, the Veterans organized a "March" to be held at the WWII Memorial for tomorrow.
How did we get here - to a point where Americans are angry, frustrated and fed up with its government?!

Like a tea kettle on low heat, the pot has been on "simmer" for five years - it reached a boiling point just before 9/11/2013 - and on 9/11, American patriots, almost ONE MILLION, rode into Washington, D.C. to say, "Hello America! We're here and we are fed up with the way our government is failing here on the homefront, and over there, with poor decisions in U.S. foreign policies".

Not a peep was heard from our Media - only the sounds of engines roaring - the kick stands were up, but no one paid attention; the media held a blackout, not wanting to cause "waves" among our politicians.

And so, the truckers stepped in to pick up the slack of silence, and they within a short month's time, said "We will go!". That, before our Veterans were so poorly treated by their own Dept. of Defense and the White House's decision to shut their Memorial down.

The Veterans, not being citizens who remain silent, stood together and within days (one week) joined together to "March" on Washington tomorrow, to speak for ALL veterans and those who died last week in Afghanistan - to come home to "silence", as the White House and Pentagon refused to pay benefits to their families to allow for an honorable burial service.

Never, in U.S. history, have our Veterans been mistreated so poorly! Never, in our history, have our Military been betrayed by our government.

Who's to blame?

There aren't a MILLION truckers on the scene in Washington and rumors have it that some actually blame them for not having a larger Rally. The newspapers blame the rain and scoff at any attempt to hold a demonstration in Washington - they say, "No one is listening"!

We have become so "satisfied" as a nation that things will eventually turn around, that we sit in our comfortable homes, watch the football game, and complain about the price of Milk - with a "Let the other guy speak for me" attitude, that we should wonder why the Mall in D.C. is half empty.

God bless America, Land of the Free!

Free for how long?! Free until the lights turn off? Until America is transformed into a Marxist/Socialist nation, supporting terrorists in nations that burn our flags and cry "Death to America". 

I could blame Obama, but America is what it is today, due to the numbness, complacency, and laziness of its citizens who prefer this government to "speak" for them; the same citizens who like sheep, follow a usurper in the White House who speaks a "foreign" language - the language of Communism, who hates America's troops, Veterans, and its Constitution.

Do not blame the ones refusing to MARCH to Obama's tune; blame those who willingly follow a few elites in Washington, but rather, those who refuse to STAND UP and take a stand to protect the culture, liberties and freedom of these United States under our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The closings of the National Parks was Obama's way of showing disrespect to all that represents America. He wanted to punish all of us for not giving in to his ongoing "transformation" of America. 

............ and still, the sounds of silence from the majority. If allowed to continue, the next sound you will here, if history repeats itself, will be the sounds of railway trains heading off to FEMA Camps .. and you, dear American, who remained silent, will be the first on those trains.

That's it America - the choice is yours to make - "silence" or "standing up"!