Saturday, October 12, 2013

Deporting Millions Of Muslims May Be Necessary - Geert Wilders (video)

Bee's note:  
Syrian refugee camp

About one month ago, there were reports from our government stating that Obama is considering opening our borders to thousands of Syrian Muslims "refugees".  Of course, there is no way to confirm how many thousands have entered our country in the last five years under the status of "refugee" from Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, S. Africa, and other predominantly Islamic countries.  The United States refuses to see what is happening across Europe, or in countries where the percentage of Muslims increases yearly in non-Islamic countries.  

Listen to Geert Wilders:

For those who say it will never happen in America, you have not been paying attention to the agenda and ideology of American Islamic organization, or in our cities where Muslims have become more than a minority; or, the lists of court cases of Muslims suing businesses; and, the "honor" killings within our borders.
Nor, have you paid attention to the number of new "converts" to Islam within America's prisons.  

As Mr. Wilder states, "It's time to stop talking and start acting" and one of the ways to act now is to close our borders to potential terrorists from blood-stained, murderous countries practicing Islam.  Islam is a contradiction to today's society, civilization, and the U.S. Constitution.  Why do you suppose so many states are passing bills, rejecting Shaira in our Court systems?!  There should be no need for any additional "bills", since Sharia is a contradiction to everything our nation has been built upon since the days of our Founding Fathers.

How many illegal Islamists have crossed our southern borders?  Reports of Hezbollah crossing over are more than troubling and here again, another failure to protect America's borders by this administration is NOT the way to keep America safe from planned/future acts of terrorism.  Since 9/11/2001, not one of our Immigration laws already on the "books" is taken serious by our federal government.  Supposedly, that was going to be one of the first things Homeland Security was suppose to "fix" after 9/11.

We have an arrogant, pompous, elite administration, willing to sell out America to the highest bidder - who do you suppose we are bowing to, every time we swing that door open to Islamists?

Americans are considered "soft" and with the right propaganda, as the showing of young children "refugees" continually in our Media, we immediately want to say "Enter"!  However, what the media does not show are the Islamic terrorists entering along with the children of war-torn Islamic nations.  

Here's news of today's actions by those "friendly" Palestinians who just happen to be supported by the Obama, Inc. administration as so-called "peace" partners of Israel:
Palestinian protesters hurl rocks at Israeli soldiers during clashes in Betunia, near the West Bank city of Ramallah, on October 11, 2013. (Photo by Mohamad Torokman/Reuters)