Sunday, October 6, 2013


Bee's note:  TPNN reports on the actual percentage of America's "shut down".  This is extremely important, as the world may be under the impression if they have been listening to Obama all week.  The fact that Obama, Inc. is not getting his way about "his" and only "his" socialist health insurance has caused him to have a week-long temper tantrum in the White House.  (How professional!  What an irresponsible "leader"!).  He has flooded the airwaves with propaganda, punished our WWII veterans, claims the US may not be able to "aid" Israel, knowing that it is "we the people" who support Israel (not his ideology/agenda) and has used every imaginable trick in the book to persuade the House to hand him his "wants" and agenda and so far, Americans and the will of the people are prevailing.  That's it in a nutshell, folks!  So, let the political games continue, but not at the expense of transforming the United States into another tyranny-led dictatorship.  No one in America has anointed Obama "king".

WATCH Congressman Hammer  Obama On House Floor: "We Did Not Elect A Dictator"

Posted 10.05.13 by Matthew Burke, TPNN News Editor


With all the weeping and gnashing of teeth from the Obama regime and his minions, you would think that the government is in full “shutdown” mode. Newsflash: It is not. In an article by Byron York in the Washington Examiner, York reports that based on government spending, the true measure of the extent in which the government is really operating, only 17% of the government is actually closed, while 83% is still open:
Based on estimates drawn from CBO and OMB data, 83 percent of government operations will continue. This figure assumes that the government pays amounts due on appropriations obligated before the shutdown ($512 billion), spends $225 billion on exempted military and civilian personnel, pays entitlement benefits for those found eligible before the shutdown (about $2 trillion), and pays interest costs when due ($237 billion). This is about 83 percent of projected 2014 spending of $3.6 trillion.
Why in the world is this considered an apocalypse of historic proportions by the Obama regime and his Marxist sycophants? The overwhelming majority of American families have had to cut back this much (17%), and in many cases, much, much more the past five years. Why is it that only government must grow every year, despite the fact that the those who pay their salaries, us taxpayers, have seen our incomes decline over the past several years?
And what about the regime’s and the lamestream media’s reckless fear-mongering on the debt ceiling, repeating ad nauseum the mantra that if the government can’t continue to irresponsibly spend more than it takes in, that this must end in “default,” as if living withing their means wasn’t even an option? The government is racking in, on average, $200 million dollars per month. Interest on the national debt is around $30 million per month. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if a default happens, it is because Obama and his ilk want it as the final and ultimate protest in his “Cloward and Piven” strategy to destroy America.
Here’s another newsflash: Taxation has never been higher in real terms. The Obama regime sucked a record $2.47 trillion out of our wallets that past year. If they’re receiving record income, then why can they not match their expenditures to match this record number? And guess what? When you get you’re next paycheck, notice that money continues to be confiscated from your earnings, despite the so-called government shutdown.
Remember the sequester, when a 2% cut in the rate of growth of federal government spending was deemed the end of humanity? If any family or business was faced with a 2% cut in the rate of growth of their income, it wouldn’t even be an event.
Words like “terrorist, al-Qaeda, Taliban, anarchists, suicide bombers,” etc., have been used to describe those who identify with the Tea Party movement. Perhaps this is part of the “new tone” and “new civility” Obama lectured us about. Liberal talking points, issued from the propagandists in the Obama regime, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and even some RINOs like Congressman Peter King seemingly always include the narrative that politicians and bureaucrats (government) are being “held hostage.” Now they know how the taxpayers have felt for decades. Live with it. Or, as Harry Reid would say, “Get a life!”