Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mr. President, Tear Down This Barricade!

Bee's note:  The White House, Congress, the House, and all who like sheep are being led to the slaughter ignore  every "warning sign" presented by the American citizens to their Representatives for the past five years.  The cries for justice, from Fast and Furious, to Benghazi, down through the IRS, NSA scandals under investigation, and right through the refusal to pay death benefits to the families of our fallen heroes: there is NO response from Washington and that is not due to the diligence of a few in Washington who attempted to seek justice and accountability for the growing number of unspeakable actions by this administration, led by Barack HUSSEIN Obama.  
The scandals are referred to as "phony" and/or "bumps in the road", by Obama. This, to imply that those of us who are deeply concerned, are simply raising issues that DO NOT cause one moments sleep to those committing these treasonous acts (dare I use the word "treasonous"?).  Yes, since it now involves supporting such groups as "rebels"/terrorists in Syria, and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt - another terrorist organization supported by this White House (at least until a few weeks ago - haven't checked today, to see which way the wind blows).
In other words, what we, as Americans are witnessing is a few elite politicians who are setting up our great nation for one huge FALL/failure - the likes of which we may never be able to recover from, unless Americans gather the strength of their Founding Fathers and do whatever is necessary to prevent this administration's agenda to continue unchecked.
On 9/11, we attempted to DISPLAY our loyalty to country, by having ONE MILLION patriots ride into Washington, D.C.  It was a stunning show of patriotism to country!  and yet, not a peep from the MEDIA; the world was not allowed to see that Americans stood united, under one flag - the red, white and blue - NOT the zero logo of Obama (which is un-patriotic and disgusting to American citizens, because his logo does not represent America).  Obama's logo represents one person only - Obama and has nothing to do with America.  Check out the logos of dictators, such as the one Hitler used, to get an idea of why Americans reject Obama's logo.
And so, tomorrow, another courageous group of patriots will ride into D.C.; this time, in trucks and they intend to stay three days.  Among them, will be our faithful riders - some who rode in on 9/11.  There will be groups of Americans standing on the Overpasses of highways, to cheer on all who are taking part in this RALLY.  There will be booths set up all along the way, to feed the truckers and riders.  This will be the LOUDEST Rally and demonstration Americans have displayed in quite some time and you, dear world, will witness it; if you don't it isn't because this event did not happen; it will be due to the silence of a MEDIA bowing to Obama and his sick ideology  - the most un-American agenda in our history.
God bless America and bless everyone participating in this Rally.  Protect each and everyone and keep them safe from the evil intentions of those who wish them harm.  Amen!

FLORIDA!!  - October 10, 2013
Look who is coming 
Overpass Rallies - Support the 1 Million Truckers Headed to D.C. 

Fire our Governmen

Mr. President, Tear Down This Barricade!
By Alan Caruba

Ronald Reagan made a lot of history as President, but when he stood before the Brandenburg Gate not far from the Berlin Wall that divided the city and said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”, he rocked the foundations of the Soviet empire on June 12, 1987.  By 1989, the wall was opened and, in 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed. 
Now thousands of Americans are saying “Mr. Obama, tear down these barricades,” They have become a symbol of the dictatorial style that has emerged over the first term of the President and now demonstrate it for everyone to see in the first year of his second term.
What is also on display are the cracks in the foundation of Obama’s presidency and administration. The first occurred in the 2010 midterm elections that returned power to the Republican Party in the House of Representatives. In the Senate these days, even the Democrats are beginning to break ranks with the White House, resisting on many fronts, “crossing the aisle” rather than vote the party line and risk reelection.
Obama has left them little choice with his oft-repeated threat that he will not negotiate with Republicans, choosing instead to use his office to garner airtime and press coverage to disparage them as terrorists, anarchists, hostage-takers, and kidnappers, to name just of few examples of his petulant, idiotic name-calling.
The job of a President is to negotiate. Every one of his predecessors in the office negotiated fulltime, seven days a week, either with his own party with the opposing one.
Obama and those who created the image of Obama have gone blind and deaf. They’ve been inside the White House bubble so long that forgot how ordinary people react when the President orders that national monuments and parks are shut down and barricades get between veterans and visitors.
When the administration opened up the National Mall to a rally by illegal aliens, the contempt for all the rest of us—natural born and naturalized citizens—could not have been more clear. The selective malevolence of the access that was denied makes a lasting impression, even on the “low information” voters.
The President’s approval rating dropped to 37% on October 9th. Congress scores in the single digits. There is a lot of unhappiness among the voters and all the campaign-style speeches and photo-ops are not going to turn this around.
Watching the media trim and adjust its sails is interesting as well. When Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services ran into a buzz saw on Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show”, it sent a signal to other liberal media personalities that it was okay to finally question what the administration was doing, particularly as regards Obamacare. The liberal lemmings may not want to jump off the cliff with the White House.
There’s one thing that has gone largely unnoticed during the “shutdown.” It takes weeks and months for the federal government to order anything. It is a huge bureaucracy. So why were all those printed signs available for the “shutdown”? Does the government keeps such things in a big warehouse somewhere?
The answer could be that Obama and his political advisors have been planning the shutdown and, in particular, the plan for the President to beat up the Republicans. 
He has begun now to gear up the Democrat Party campaign for the November 2014 midterm elections.  We are witnessing a deliberate effort to berate non-stop the Republican Party in general and the Tea Party movement in particular. The press conference in which the President held forth for over an hour is an example, but significantly, his approval rates dropped to a new low of 37%.
Harry Truman did this in 1948 when he ran for election after filling out the term of Franklin Roosevelt who had died soon after his fourth reelection. Truman disparaged a “do nothing” Congress, controlled by the Republican Party, even though its actual record showed that it had passed a number of laws he favored. It was pure demagoguery and, combined with a tireless campaign of whistle-stop speeches, secured Truman election when everyone assumed Thomas Dewey would be the winner.
It could be that Obama has taken a lesson from that election, but he is not running to be reelected. He is running to gain full control over Congress of the kind that allowed him to ram through the Affordable Care Act—Obamacare—in 2009. There were huge protests then and there will be more now.
A rally of truckers will seek to close down the capital this weekend in protest of Obamacare and other administration policies. Another rally will follow soon after by veterans. Indeed, I suspect 2014 is going to be remembered for a score of rallies that reflect the anger that has finally boiled up into action. As more and more Americans discover that their healthcare insurance premiums have doubled and tripled, they are going to blame one man—Barack Hussein Obama.
Obama has completely misread the character of the American people, perhaps because he lacks any character of his own.

© Alan Caruba, 2013