Monday, October 31, 2011

Americans Stand with Israel: "The Bee Sting Daily News"

Dear Readers,
There are fewer daily posts on "Americans Stand with Israel" due to the time spent preparing a daily news blog - "The Bee Sting Daily".  Every second the clock ticks, there is news happening throughout the world, but all eyes are on the Middle East and Israel.

No one "blogger" can keep up with the pace of what is happening around the world, as it is time consuming to research and choose the best up-to-date and most interesting articles posted on the Web, before choosing just one article to post on Americans Stand with Israel. The most trustworthy, Conservative authors devote their time and energy, plus their talents, in presenting the truth to the world. They do this without being paid for their talents. Why? Because the truth is not being reported in the main stream media and hardly a word about Israel, here in the states, unless it is another condemnation from our present administration which is anti-Israel to the core!  The same can be said about any news being reported out of Washington, DC., as the media is predominately presenting a one-sided story of America's leaders and the future elections of 2012.

Americas are tired of being lied to, noticing that the changes taking place these past few years are changes that undermine the very existence of America's history and Western civilization.  The Internet and the blogs are now the only way to educate ourselves and find information that our "leaders" hope we ignore, while they continue dragging America down a very slippery slope - a journey Americans refuse to follow, unless we have given up and don't care about what we leave for future generations and our own grandchildren.   The best blogs, most reliable authors, can be found under "links" on the right side of this blog.  Check them out - those folks will open windows to your mind that will allow each of us to choose wisely when it comes time to vote for leaders who will protect and guide America.

What many folks do not realize is the fact that when the United States undermines its allies, it is also undermining the very security and interests of America. When this administration backs up the propaganda of Islamic interests, while slamming our ally Israel, it does a great disservice to both the United States and its allies.

Few know that Israel has been under attack these past 4 days and that a father of four has been murdered, while one million Israelis are forced to remain in bomb shelters, all due to the long range missiles being fired upon her, from the Gaza strip and the terrorist organizations living in Gaza. I have watched the news channels, switching from one to another over the weekend, and except for one brief report of the bombings, not one news journalist, or news station, has shared information on news about Israel's on-going war with terrorists, from its neighboring borders.

Nor, do many understand that the Arab Muslims did not begin their war with Israel since Arafat's PLO organization in the 60's; or the Arab uprising to wipe Israel off the map in 1948 (and again, today); the Islamic war against the Jews and Israel began centuries before and with each generation, there are always attempts by the Muslims to murder the Jews and prevent today's Israel from existing in peace. Today, along with its suicide bombings and missile attacks, the Muslim world has gained much sympathy from world leaders, including those from the West.


To understand the reasons, one would have to look at the history of Islam and understand that the existence of a Jewish state is a contradiction of the teachings of Islam. The fact that there is a very tiny nation called Israel, a homeland designed specifically for the Jewish people, is to the Muslims, a "cancer" that must be removed and by using the media as their propaganda representatives, the world has been aiding the Muslims in its hatred towards all Jews, and more specifically, towards Israel.

That is, of course, a very simplistic answer for what is happening today within the boundaries of Israel; and that answer can only be decided among each individual who searches for the truth.  However, by doing a little homework, googling Google, answers can be found by cutting through what our leaders want us to think vs. what we discover by doing our own research.  For instance, isn't it strange that Israel is condemned for defending herself from terrorist attacks, while the United States has been fighting a War on Terror these past ten plus years? Islam has been killing Americans for years and so have they been doing the same to Israel. However, our troops are dying thousands of miles away from home, in lands that support terrorism and the Islamic way of life, while tiny Israel is being attacked on her own soil. Israel has been fighting terrorism much longer than the United States and yet, there is such little compassion and understanding from the West, towards our ally Israel, that one must ask, "Why?"

Why does our president tell world dictators to "step down", while ignoring Palestinian terror organizations bombing Israel? Why does an American president apologize to the Islamic world for America's history?  Why does Congress allow a president to by-pass its authority under the Constitution?

Which brings me back to the newspaper I began a few weeks ago, entitled "The Bee Sting Daily". The newspaper is a snapshot of what is happening in the Middle East, posted daily, along with hundreds of articles, videos, and photos; including news on policies and politicians in Washington, DC. I hope you are able to take a few minutes to check out the newspaper, as it is a time-saver in finding out what is actually happening in Israel, the ME, and in the halls of Congress, after sifting through the propaganda promoted by Islam and its "friendly" liberal media.

Wishing all of you a good week,

Bee Sting/Americans Stand with Israel