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October 31, 2011
Atlas Shrugs - by Pamela Geller
The idea of exploiting the pure joy and exuberance of children for Halloween to raise money for annihilationists and Jew-haters is frightening, debased, degenerate. Now that is indeed a horror. That is Skull-evil-sinister-devil-1nazi. No money for ghazis, no money for UNICEF.
On Sunday, millions of children across America will be putting on their scariest costumes and going door to door asking for candy. Its that Halloween time of the year again. Whether you are a parent or not, or whether your children go "trick or treating" or not, I guarantee that your house is going to be swarmed by lots of little ghosts, goblins, spider-men and Teletubbies. Many of the visitors will be carrying the little orange UNICEF boxes. But please rembember when you see them give up the candy, but please DON'T GIVE ANY MONEY TO UNICEF !!

UNICEF money goes to things like Palestinian Summer Camps that train kids to be Homicide Bombers, Production of Anti-Semitic literature, it is trying to stop inter-country adoptions of kids in Guatemalan orphanages, it has written materials praising the oppressive north Korean regime, and created anti-Semitic advertising. In short your pennies are being used to support terror and hatred.
Don't blame the little kids just refuse politely--they are totally unaware as is their parents. Give them an extra Kit-Kat bar and send them on their merry way. The world will be better off.

For example, here is a recent example from this past March.

 PMW has discovered this advertisement featuring anti-Semitic imagery bearing the UNICEF logo.  The advertisement was placed by a Palestinian Authority youth organization, PYALARA (Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership and Rights Activation), which is funded by UNICEF. It promotes a TV show created by PYALARA

The ad shows an axe destroying a Star of David. The large Star of David that has been destroyed is decorated with stars and stripes, presumably representing the USA, and an additional smaller Star of David - a common theme in anti-Semitic cartoons that imply Jewish control of the US. On the axe that destroys the Star of David is the word "Boycott!" in the imperative tense. 

There are more examples:

Americans mostly know UNICEF through the “trick or treat for UNICEF” campaigns. The “trick” is on the donors who think that UNICEF is all about helping poor children.

UNICEF has been a major financier of Palestinian “summer camps” which encourage children to become suicide bombers. One such camp is named for Wafa Idris, a female suicide bomber.

During the late 1990s, UNICEF served as a propaganda organ of the Saddam Hussein regime. Relying solely on Iraqi government statistics, UNICEF and the Saddam government co-authored a report asserting that over a million children in Iraq died because of U.N. sanctions. A map on the first page of the report depicted Kuwait as a province of Iraq.

UNICEF is the primary funder for the “Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership and Rights Activation” (PYALARA), which UNICEF calls “a major strategic partner in Palestine.” Materials produced by the group are frequently used in schools operated by UNICEF.

PYALARA publishes a 16-page newspaper for young people, The Youth Times (TYT). It is distributed at Palestinian universities,colleges, community centers, and in the many U.N.-operated schools in Palestinian areas.

The organization claims that its mission is “expanding awareness of one’s roots and identity, environment and culture, as well as of other countries and the world at large.” Yet PYALARA’s products follow the typical line of terrorist propaganda, in which nothing is the fault of the Palestinians, everything is the fault of the Jews, and there is never any effort to consider the merits of Israel’s position on anything.

For example, one PYALARA article was admiring a biography of the recently-deceased terrorist Abu Ali Mustafa.

Mustafa was the head of the terrorist group the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a branch of Yassir Arafat’s Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Mustafa met his demise at the hands of Israeli forces in 2001. In the months before Mustafa’s death, his terrorist group had assassinated an Israeli Cabinet Minister, set off three car bombs in Jerusalem, and carried out many other terrorist attacks.

Earlier, Mustafa and the PLFP had worked with the Japanese Red Army (a Communist terrorist group) and slaughtered 24 people at Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport. In 1976, the PFLP hijacked an Air France flight. After refueling in Libya, they flew to Entebbe, Uganda, which was, at the time, ruled by the insane, genocidal tyrant Idi Amin.

The PFLP hijackers, assisted by Amin’s army, demanded that five nations release 53 named, convicted terrorists, or else the plane and its passengers would be blown up.

The Israeli Defense Forces carried out a daring raid on the Entebbe airport, killing the hijackers and their Ugandan accomplices, and rescuing all the hostages. The IDF rescue planes touched down at Ben Gurion Airport on July 4, 1976.

One of the few Israeli casualties in the rescue was Lt. Col. Yoni Netanyahu, whose brother Benjamin would later become Prime Minister of Israel.

So what did the UNICEF-funded PYALARA have to tell young people about the terrorist mastermind Abu Ali Mustafa? That he was “a political leader...whose history prides his nationalistic activism.” Mourning the death of the terrorist, the magazine whined “this is a human being who has a family that awaits his arrival every day.” Sympathy would have been better directed to the many innocents who were murdered at Mustafa’s direction.

Then, in a lie typical of the Palestinian propaganda press, the PYALARA claimed “the Israelis could have turned to Abu Ali Mustafa to talk peace if peace were what they truly wanted.” In truth, Mustafa was always an adamant foe of negotiations, opposed even to Arafat’s strategy of going through the motions of peace negotiations in order to distract attention from his devotion for war.

Shortly before becoming head of the PFLP, Mustafa was interviewed by Al-Jazeera. He stated: “We believe the conflict and the struggle against Israel is a strategic [principle] that is not subordinated to any consideration.” Thus, “We believe the Palestinian people, both in the Diaspora and under occupation, have the right to struggle using all means, including the armed struggle, because we think the conflict is the constant, while the means and tactics are the variables.”

Not that UNICEF blames Israel for everything. Bianca Jagger, in her official capacity as “UNICEF ambassador,” has toured the Middle East telling audiences that the United States is the source of evil in the modern world.