Tuesday, November 1, 2011

They’ll Leave The Light Off For You - by Grumpy's Opinions

November 1, 2011
That old Southern hospitality just ain’t what it used to be—at least not in the hotel business.  An unforeseen development due to a sudden swarming of modern-day Yankee carpetbaggers to the Land of Cotton?  Not really.  These days the radical carpetbaggers carry prayer rugs, wear taqiyahs and hijabs, and you won’t see them at any down-home Dixie barbeques unless they’re planning to cook a local Christian or two.
Okay…I was just kidding around with that “cook-a-Christian” crack.  They don’t reallyfricassee Christians in America—yet.  Festivities of that sort are still limited to Sharia-friendly places like PakistanEgypt, the Ivory CoastEthiopiaIndonesia, and countless other locations where the riotous adherents of the “Religion of Peace” are found in substantial numbers.  Here in the good old U.S.A., the acolytes of Allah are content for the time being with merely infiltrating the government and intimidating poltroonish hostel-keepers like those operating the Hyatt Place Houston and the Hutton Hotel in Nashville into denying critics of Islam their free speech rights.  Ask Pamela Geller, of the Atlas Shrugs blog, whose scheduled speaking engagements at both venues were abruptly cancelled.  The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), in the time-honored tradition of  Don Corleone, made the hotels an ‘offer they couldn’t refuse’:………………………

There’s more to the story, you can read it on Bob Mack’s “Be Sure You’re Right, Then Go Ahead”:

Grumpy Note

At the top of the page, in the Right Side Bar I’ve got a Video of Pamela Geller talking about what happened,
I know most of you have read Pamela Geller’s blogs on Atlas Shrug’s or seen her  quoted on other websites ,Bob Mac’s got the appropriate phone numbers and email addresses posted as well.  If you don’t feel like being an “Active Activist” and sending an email, you can still make your feeling know by posting this on facebook and tweeting the hell out of it to your followers..  What happened to Geller, as politely as I can say needs it,  Needs to be kept the f**k out of America.  We are not an Islamic country and CAIR has been tied to several Terrorist Groups.  Obama Trusted CAIR on Libya, now Al Queda’s Flag flies next to the Libyan Flag.
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