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Howard Grief to EU: Mind your own business

October 31, 2011


Howard Grief writes to:

European External Action Service Reference

Directorate North Africa, Middle East, Arabian Peninsula,
Iran and Iraq, Middle East Division

I thank you for your letter dated June 14, 2011 in response to my letter of May 17, 2011 to the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security, Lady Catherine Ashton, in regard to the recommendations put forward by the European Former Leaders Group in December 2010, of which you honestly inform me “have of course been taken into account by the European Union and are being considered very carefully”.

It should not be the business of the European Union to determine that another Arab state carved out of former Mandated Palestine is a sine qua non for Israel in order to achieve a so-called peace with the Arab world. If a new Arab state is officially established in Judea, Samaria and Gaza in what international law decided in the post-World War I years was part and parcel of the internationally recognized Jewish National Home and future independent Jewish State, that will not bring “peace”, but rather actually serve as a new springboard for Arab and Muslim imperialism to destroy finally the Jewish State of Israel.

It should be clear to you that the tenets of Islam, as expressed in the Hadith as well as Islamic jurisprudence, that Israel is defined as waqf land or Moslem territory and a part of Dar-el-Harb (the House of War), temporarily under non-Islamic control, which must be wrested back from the accursed Jews. Thus it is no surprise that Islam and the Arab world deny Israel’s inherent right to exist, as shown conclusively by the empirical evidence of the last century.

Europe certainly has enough internal problems of its own to deal with, especially in Belgium itself, where you are seated; Europe should therefore not stick its nose into the domestic affairs of the Land of Israel, that is indisputably Jewish land and a part of the Promised Land confirmed even by the Koran (sura 5:20, 21). The Holy Land was defined by Abu Ja’far el-Tabari, Islam’s most famous exegete, to embrace Palestine west of the Jordan as well as some of present-day Jordan, Sinai and Syria (p. 543 of my book, The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel under International Law). Europe must desist from dictating its own solution to solve the Arab conflict with Israel, when it cannot even resolve the ills that beset it, not only in Belgium where there is irreconciliable strife between the French-speaking people of Wallonia and the Flemish ethnic community in the northern provinces embracing Flanders, but also in Greece and other states comprising the European Union. No one has appointed the European Union to decide on a new and destructive partition of the Jewish National Home and compel Israel to give away Jewish land to the Arabs for their nefarious aim to eradicate the Jewish State. The Israel Labour Party-initiated “Oslo Accords” have been an unmitigated disaster for Israel’s Jews and one day hopefully not too distant the “Palestinian Authority” will be removed from the Land of Israel in order for the State of Israel to live in real security, free of Arab-Islamic terrorism which has been incessant or never-ending ever since Yasser Arafat became ensconced in Ramallah – which, incidentally, is an ancient Jewish town dating from the First and Second Temple Periods.

The “Palestinian people” is a fiction invented by the Arab League with the close aid and support of the United Nations that acts in many ways as an extension of the Arab League. No Arab nation by that name ever existed in history, as evidenced by Arab historians themselves, particularly the renowned Philip K. Hitti, the author of several books on Arab history. This appellation is derived from the Hebrew word for “invaders” or pelishtim to designate the invading Philistines that most scholars believe came from the island of Crete and settled along the eastern Mediterranean coast of what the Greeks and Romans later called “Palestine”. This term has no linguistic connection to Arabic, nor does it have any close affinity to Arabs at all, either historically, culturally or ethnologically. Until 1948, the Jews of Palestine were called the “Palestinians”, a term of national identity that was derisively rejected by most Arab spokesmen since they associated it with Palestinian Jewry, but that changed when they saw the merit in 1969 of using this appellation in order to fool the rest of the world and gain its sympathy – that they are, so to speak, the indigenous people of the country who were unjustly displaced by foreign Jews who had no right to be there. This was a massive swindle and hoax perpetrated particularly on the gullible West and the rest of the world, which has unfortunately gained near universal recognition.

As a matter of historical fact, the Jews have been settled in what the 5th century BCE Greek historian, Herodotus, first called “Palestine” but what the Jews have always called the Land of Israel since the days of Joshua Bin-Nun, about 14 centuries before the Common Era, and it is rather the late-coming Arabs who were the alien invaders and usurpers of the Jewish land, and not the other way around. Do I have to throw a bible at you and your colleagues to help you understand that elementary fact? Did you never learn this in “Sunday school”? The Arab homeland is in Arabia, Iraq and Syria, but not in Palestine, which was created as a legal and political entity on April 24-25, 1920 at the San Remo Peace Conference solely for the purpose of being the Jewish National Home only. European meddling in support of the Arab side will not alter that basic legal fact.

You allege that the so-called “Palestinians” have a “right” to statehood, which should be “realized” if peace is to prevail. I have spent many years as a trained attorney studying the Palestine Question and all its ramifications in international law. In my humble opinion, no such “right” has ever been enunciated in any binding document of international law. Neither the UN General Assembly Partition Resolution 181 (II), nor UN Security Council Resolution 242, nor the Israel-PLO Accords, nor the Road Map Peace Plan championed by the artificial conglomerate known as the Quartet, which you mention in your letter to me, qualify as or constitute “international law” in any meaningful sense of this term. The only nation or people who have a legal right to statehood in what was once Palestine, as it existed between 1920 and 1948, is the Jewish People, notwithstanding Arab and European pretensions to the contrary.

As regards your bizarre statement that I have presented a “selection of legalistic arguments” to buttress the ironclad legal case of Israel to keep and govern Judea, Samaria and Gaza which are integral parts of the Jewish National Home, I am more than curious to know what is your “selection” of international law documents that counters mine. In fact, there are no such binding documents that give the Arabs (the so-called “Palestinians” of today) the legal right to the land making up Palestine.

I am sorry to learn from you that the European Union is considering very carefully the recommendations of the European Former Leaders Group. Since this group recommended “punitive measures” against Israel if it does not withdraw to the “Auschwitz-borders”, which are the former Armistice lines that existed prior to the outbreak of the Six-Day War, this is equivalent to criminal extortion or blackmail that could be the subject of a legal action against the European Union if it adopts those baleful or exceptionally evil recommendations. I hope the EU will come to its senses and give up its self-appointed task and uncalled-for interference in creating a completely unnecessary 22nd Arab state in the heartland of the Jewish People. That will undoubtedly bring down the wrath of Divine Providence and be the catalyst of a new war.

Yours sincerely,

Howard Grief,

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