Thursday, November 3, 2011

When terrorists are referred to as "resistance fighters" ....

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
November 3, 2011

Did "resistance fighters" attack America on 9/11?
Was he a "resistance fighter"?
Hamas - terrorists or "resistance fighters"?
I'll be brief.  Earlier this evening, reviewing the "stats" to this blog, I noticed someone found me by searching for "14 Palestinians dead" and "resistance fighters".  Hmm!  How did they ever find me?  This blog lists the number killed by Islamic Jihadist terrorists - we list the victims of suicide bombers and missile attacks.  You need to Google Al-Jazeerah, or Gaza, to find out who died from their own hateful acts of terrorism.

I did a quick search to locate what groups are being called "resistance fighters" and quickly found Al-Jazeerah using the term to describe Hamas/Islamic Jihad Movement. Read this sentence:  "Two more Palestinian resistance fighters from Islamic Jihad Movement were proclaimed dead at an early hour Sunday during another Israeli air raid west of Gaza city."

Whoa!  This comes close to our liberal media and this administration!  Erase from one's mind a picture of terrorists performing Jihad, take the words defining America's enemies i.e. "terrorists, Islamic, Jihad" out of all federal government documents, such as, Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, etc. and replace it with Al-Jazeeah's pleasant sounding term, "resistance fighters" and bingo!  Islamic Jihadist disappear and in its place - Palestinian terrorists become poor guys simply in a resistance movement to fight off the enemy.  

In WWII, resistance fighters fought off the Nazis.  So, if we now define terrorists as resistance fighters, it gives the false impression that the terrorists are good and those they fight, the bad guys! See how easy it is to promote propaganda and lies?

 And then, America finds itself in the same boat, as they voted for a guy who will go around the world in 80 days apologizing to these terrorists and Islamic dictators for America's history, freedoms and liberties.  Why, America then silently watches as the newly elected Apologist-in-Chief appoints some Islamist tied to questionable organizations to key government positions; and then has the audacity to attempt to erase from our minds what happened on 9/11 and call it a "Day of Volunteerism".  America is well on its way to being hoodwinked into forgetting its history, ignoring its enemies, and calling "good'-evil and "evil"-good.  Sounds like a plan straight out of hell!

Now, I'm sure our federal government agencies haven't typed the term "resistance fighters" in any of their documents, but ask these "leaders" exactly who are America's enemies. What exactly is America calling "terrorists" these days?  It's easy to ignore Turkey sending flotillas off to Gaza when we are no longer able to recognize terrorists from America's allies.

In closing, for the one searching for the 14 dead Palestinians this past weekend, you won't find it, because according to my search, there were only 10 dead Palestinian terrorists and they are dead due to their acts of terrorism against Israel.  But, be of good cheer, your count will go up, as Israel's IDF now have the green light to put the lights out of more Palestinian terrorists.  I'll even break the mold and list the exact number of dead Palestinians from Gaza, when it brings an end to terrorism.  We won't pass out candy, but we will all say "Amen!"

Just a footnote from The Religion of Peace:
Islam's Latest Contributions to Peace
"Mohammed is God's apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless
to the unbelievers but merciful to one another" Quran 48:29

2011.11.02 (Narathiwat, Thailand) - Six Buddhist civilians are blown apart and then raked with gunfire by militant Muslims.
2011.10.31 (Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan) - Religious militants abduct and behead three locals.
2011.10.31 (Kandahar, Afghanistan) - Suicide bombers kill three people outside a humanitarian aid office.
2011.10.30 (Ashkelon, Israel) - A 56-year-old father of four bleeds to death after Palestinians fire a rocket into an apartment building.
2011.10.29 (Kabul, Afghanistan) - Women and children are among the dead as suicide bombers target a NATO bus, killing at least seventeen.
2011.10.29 (Khalis, Iraq) - Jihadis take down a teenage girl riding in a family car.