Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Macabre stunt no joke.

01 NOVEMBER 2011


UNESCO has offered the Palestinians a full membership. Nothing in the charter of the UN nor the specific mandate of UNESCO makes this legal but since the UN is rampant with anti-Semitism, legality is a moot point.

107 countries voted Yes to the Palestinians, 52 abstained, only 14 voted NO! A simple  suggestion would be to cease sending aid to the 107 Yes voters, France for one; and the 52 abstainers, among them the Asylum formerly known as Great Britain. We still possess financial muscles which should be flexed.

Whether that happens will be seen, but the USA immediately cut funding to UNESCO, which means a 22% decrease in funding. The countries which voted with the USA should be encouraged to defund UNESCO also. The defunding was a result of a 1995 law, not swift punishment from Obama so watch for a retreat from this position. Obama is not about to dis his Muslim bros if he doesn't have to.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization has legitimized a non-country controlled by thugs who honour murderers of women and children as heroes. A non-country of people who have created nothing academic nor intellectual nor scientific. A non-country of people whose idea of culture is to hand out candies after a faux-martyr's bomb slaughters innocent people.

This political stunt by the UN is a clear sign that it is not concerned with law. It should be defunded by civilized countries and the USA should evict this sham organization now.

I have discussed in previous posts the many good reasons why the UN should be moved to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Now looks like an excellent time to start the exodus.

It is Almost Midnight in the West when the very organization which purports to exist to bring world peace is actually spreading the cancer of hate and discord.

Palestinians celebrate this event!