Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Turkey's poor choices in friends and "Power, not Diplomacy"

Hilary Clinton spoke at the 30th anniversary dinner of ATC. AA Photo.
Hilary Clinton spoke at the 30th anniversary dinner of ATC. AA Photo.

Americans Stand with Israel
November 2, 2011
by Bee Sting
Strong democracy will help Turkish economy: Clinton
Tuesday, November 1, 2011
A little background on Turkey:  "In April 2010, Washington stepped up its efforts to impose a new round of sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program.  But key powers such as Turkey, India and China oppose the adoption of a new round of sanctions against Teheran.  As a result the American Congress has held up arms sales sought by the Turkish military in order to impose their will on the Kurds.[30]According to leaked diplomatic cables, Erdo─čan was described by US diplomats as having "little understanding of politics beyond Ankara" and as surrounding himself with an "iron ring of sycophantic (but contemptuous) advisors". He is said to be "isolated", and that his MPs and Ministers feel "fearful of Erdogan's wrath".[31] Diplomats state that "he relies on his charisma, instincts, and the filterings of advisors who pull conspiracy theories off the web or are lost in neo-Ottoman Islamist fantasies".[32][33]  In 2010 American president Obama warned NATO ally Turkey that future arms sales would depend on Turkish policies.[34]"see more ...
Have Turkish policies changed to demonstrate common interests, diplomacy, and cooperation with the United States and its allies?  Let's see what its been up to in the Middle East:
*   WASHINGTON (UPI)—Israel would face dire consequences if it violated Turkish airspace to spy on Iran, the Turkish prime minister said in an interview with an Egyptian journalist. (Again, Iran and Turkey are "good" buddies!)

*  Turkey depends on Iran's energy and therefore, no surprise that Turkey opposed sanctions against Iran.

*  Turkey's involvement in sending a flotilla filled with terrorists, to Gaza in 2010 in an effort to break through Israel's legal blockade to Hamas terrorists has put a strain on Turkey-Israeli relationships.

*  ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey expelled Israel's ambassador and cut military ties on Friday over Israel's refusal to apologize for last year's deadly raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla, further straining a relationship that had been a cornerstone of regional stability.   09/ 2/11 05:49 PM ET

*   Erdogan warns Israel: Turkey can send warships to east Mediterranean at any time Published 14:57 15.09.11

*   November 2, 2011 - Israel Navy (once again) Prepares to Stop Vessels Attempting to Break Maritime Secuity Blockade

Navy, ship, satil, rocket ship, flotilla, Gaza, Hamas, Israel, Israeli

Israeli Navy Missile boat.

** FILE ** President Obama, with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (second right), visits the Blue Mosque in Turkey in April 2009. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)
*  On Wednesday, November 2, two international ships left the Turkish harbor to carry humanitarian aid through the Israeli blockade of Gaza.  .... The event, called ‘Freedom Waves for Gaza’, unites 27 activists from 9 countries, including America, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, Germany and Australia, alongside a Palestinian Haifa, in a broad-based international movement to break Israel’s illegal and immoral suffocation of the 1.6 million inhabitants of the Gaza Strip. The Irish yacht Saoirse (Freedom), which carries 15 activists, and the Canadian boat Tahrir (Liberation), which holds 12, will attempt to carry $30,000 in medical supplies beyond the Israeli blockade later this week. ‘Freedom Waves for Gaza’ is the 11th attempt by international activists to deliver humanitarian aid through the Israeli blockade of Gaza since 2008. ... see more from Elder of Ziyon.
And so, what we see is a progressive and on-going instigation towards America's ally Israel, from the Turkish government, at a time when the West, the United Kingdom and Israel are concerned about Iran's nuclear capabilities.
We are witnessing Turkey's actions - the actions of a school yard bully, and one interfering with both International and national laws of Israel.  .
We are not hearing anything from Washington, DC and the silence from our "leaders" implies that they, too, are in agreement with the actions of Turkey.  
Turkey has chosen the wrong friends (could it be that the United States has also chosen friends carelessly?).  Iran is not a friend to the United States; and neither are Arab Palestinian terrorists in Gaza, known as Hamas.
Therefore, Americans who stand together and support our friends and allies, need to ask (again!) why this administration is choosing to stand with Turkey, while Turkey stands with America's Number One enemy, Iran!  Why are we praising a nation that is choosing power, not diplomacy, and promotes terrorism through flotillas and threats against a diplomatic nation, Israel, while supporting Hamas terrorists and on-going terrorism from the Gaza strip?!
I will explain how "freedom waves" for Gaza: Israel's IDF has the green light to do whatever is necessary to stop the missile attacks and bombings from Gaza's Palestinian terrorists.  When the terrorists are eliminated, their tunnels crushed to prevent Iran's stash of weapons from being brought in through the border of Egypt, then and only then, will Gaza be "free" and Israelis will no longer have to sleep in bomb shelters and worry about their children dying in the streets; Israeli citizens will be able to drive on the road without being hit by a missile and killed, as one father of four was murdered by one of those missiles over the weekend.  Freedom will wave for Gaza when the Palestinian people choose leaders, not terrorists, in Gaza.  Freedom will wave for Gaza when its people recognize Israel's right to exist and tear up their Charter calling for the deaths of all Jews.  

This world and majority of its leaders, to-date, are enablers of terrorism when they choose to side with terrorists.