Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Internet Trolls and anti-Semitism - by Bee Sting

Trolls and Anti-Semitism
by Bee Sting

I kept my silence when anti-Semitic trolls visit this blog and write comments they hope will generate their poisonously false and destructive myths upon our readers.  Anti-Semitic trolls surfing the Internet have no difficulty finding this blog, which is the reason why we monitor all comments, since we refuse to allow the hate and lies to run over from their "minds" onto the pages of Americans Stand with Israel.  

This blog is about sharing information not printed in our local or national newspapers.  Americans are fed only a diet of liberal nonsense, which usually is shared with the "journalist" straight from the White House.  I doubt many actually read a book or search for facts before putting their pen to paper. Some blame the lack of truth being presented in the media to liberal professors back in the day when young, potential journalist were open to all things new; however, with liberal indoctrination, their minds closed up and became filled with cobwebs and spiders.   

One thing for sure is this blog is not a Chat Room, nor do I have time to waste acknowledging the hatred of others.  If you don't have anything but hatred to contribute to an article posted,  save your breath and don't bother writing, because your comments are automatically dumped in the spam bin.  Sometimes, I'll pull a few "gems" and post on my wall, as reminders to me why I take the time to keep this blog up and running.  

Getting back to my main point, anti-Semitic trolls warm the cockles of their own hearts by surrounding themselves with those of the same temperament and in a group, or as individuals, their one  goal is that of a "campaign of terror".  Pay close attention to their methods.  They creep in unaware, make some off the cuff remarks, become insulted when you stand up to their lying propaganda, and then, when all else fails, begin to personally attack individuals who just happen to disagree with their spidery, insulting comments.  I am certain that if they had lived back in the 1930's, they would be insisting that all Israelis sew gold stars onto their coats.

Fortunately, most of today's civilization rejects such hatred, which can be compared to the disease of Islamic extremism and radical ideology - the very opposite of Western culture.  There are Saudi textbooks filtering throughout the schools in America - some say, for the last 20 years or more.  Perhaps this is the cause of the growing anti-Semitic attitudes of a generation of adults that cannot remember, or were never taught, that their grandparents fought against such hatred and evil during Hitler's reign throughout Europe.  

Anti-Semitism is an attack on our moral fiber. It is also a politically motivated attack on knowledge.  Knowledge is truth and without knowledge, there is no truth; no compassion, no sympathy or love towards their fellowman, and in its place, only darkness fills the soul, heart and mind.  Thus, if a surgeon were to perform brain surgery on such an individual, he should not be surprised to open that skull and find evidence of spider webs and worse, cancer of the brain.

Lastly, anti-Semitic trolls have no problem ridiculing the accomplishments of generations of great men and women.  These trolls think that anyone with a different set of beliefs is on a one-way ticket to Hell.  They think they are the best thing to come along since sliced bread.  But, as for me and this blog, I wouldn't put their comments up anymore than I appreciate the handwriting of some kids who leave graffiti on a bathroom wall.

Bee Sting 
posted on December 28, 2011 - 9:12AM

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