Monday, December 26, 2011

Iran’s Adventure in the Straits of Hormuz. Obama’s Failure and a Turning Point for the Next 100 Years

by POX
If you’re not up to speed on this because you’ve been enjoying your Christmas holiday, check the story below. The basics are that Iran is embarking on 10 days of “war games” to prove they have the muscle needed to block 1/3 of world oil shipments should the U.S. take further action to deny them their nuclear weapons through embargoes or sanctions.
The Obama administration has taken every possible wrong step in dealing with Iran. It’s almost as if somehow the book “The Manchurian Candidate” has come to life, only this time it’s “The Tehranian Candidate.”
Obama has done so many things wrong all I can do is give a partial list…
1. He was totally silent with the Iranian uprising that could have toppled the regime without any military action on our part, eliminating the problem all at once, while he has encouraged all other “Arab Spring” activities that are turning out to create MORE problems for Israel and LESS FREEDOM in the region.
2. He has a giant “A” for “Appeasement” tattooed on his forehead. As a candidate for President he continually stressed his opposition to military action and his desire to use diplomacy and “world pressure” as his only tool.
3. He has alienated Israel at every possible opportunity and emboldened Israel’s neighbors to be more aggressive with their demands for Palestinian statehood while doing nothing about Hamas and Hezbollah smuggling, kidnapping, terrorism and rocket attacks into Israel. A weakened Israel has less of a chance to carry out a successful strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.
4. He has actively denied EVERY attempt to resolve the energy problem in the U.S. in too many ways to count. This has driven up the long term price of oil, ensuring the Iran has all the money it needs to resist any sanctions, and it can afford to buy any weapons it needs for it activities.
 Ron Paul says the Iranian regime “just wants to be left alone.” If we just get out of their side of the world all our problems will be over and Iran won’t need a nuclear weapon. “And if they did, ‘mutually assured destruction’ would prevent them from using their bomb.”
I love Ron Paul, but his view of foreign policy is so absurd it’s laughable, while Obama’s foreign policy borders on criminal.
M.A.D. assumes that the balance of power goes like this. “If you blow up Tel Aviv we’ll blow up Tehran, so you won’t dare attack.” Iran having a nuclear bomb means they can say to Israel, “if you blow up Tehran, we’ll blow up Tel Aviv.” That made sense with our previous opponents like the Soviet Union or China. But Iran doesn’t use the same “logic” at all. THEY ARE RELIGIOUS FANATICS. THEY DON’T CARE IF WE BLOW UP THEIR CITIES. Their long term goal is to destroy Israel and then the rest of the Western world and take over what’s left.
And Iran having nuclear material by itself is enough for them to tip the balance of power in the Middle East. Again, too many ways to detail, so here’s a list.
They can give radioactive material to their terrorist surrogates and release it in Israel and major cities in the U.S. and Europe. Even the threat of such destruction is enough to make appeasement and virtual SURRENDER our only option.
Obama’s refusal to take an active role in supporting Israel and no action to oppose Iran means the rest of the Arab world, even though they hate the Iranians, will also have to capitulate. That means controlling the supply of oil to strangle the West and favor our opponents like Russia and China. Under that threat, Europe will continue to peel away their support of the U.S. and capitulate to Iran. Even without an operational nuclear bomb, Iran has enough nuclear material to spread throughout Arab oil fields to ruin their supply for thousands of years. They understand this threat.
 So what do we do? Again, too many items to detail, so here’s another list.
1. SAY “NO” TO THE ENVIRONMENTALISTS and DRILL EVERYWHERE. Our drilling methods are so much safer than any other countries’ that it makes me think the entire environmentalist movement is a puppet of the oil cartels. Why do they oppose the Keystone pipeline when there are tens of thousands of miles of existing pipelines all across the country? There’s no other reason to resist ABSOLUTELY EVERY ATTEMPT to develop our own resources and strengthen our country. What are their true motivations? I’m sure there are many who truly want to save the planet (I do, too!), but who is in the background egging them on to eliminate all growth in the U.S?        CONTINUE READING ...