Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More Appeasement from Obama? Pentagon Plans No Parades for Returning Iraq War Veterans

Scotty Starnes's Blog
DECEMBER 27, 2011 · 3:15 PM
No Parade Planned for Iraq War Troops
The appeasement continues. You can be sure this is part of Obama’s continued appeasement to the Muslim world. It’s the “dumb war” Obama is currently taking credit for.
Americans won’t be seeing a huge ticker-tape parade in New York City anytime soon for troops returning from Iraq.
It’s not clear if veterans of the nine-year campaign will ever enjoy the grand, flag-waving, red-white-and-blue homecoming that the nation’s fighting men and women received after World War II and the Gulf War.
Officials in New York and Washington say they would be happy to help stage a big celebration, but Pentagon officials say they haven’t been asked to plan one.
…Mayor Bloomberg said last week that he was open to the idea but added, “It’s a federal thing that we really don’t want to do without talking to Washington, and we’ll be doing that.”
A spokesman for the mayor declined to elaborate on the city’s reasons for consulting with Washington. Ignizio said he had been told by the mayor’s office that Pentagon officials were concerned that a celebration could spark violence overseas and were evaluating the risk.
Does this administration plan to sweep the past ten years under some filthy Isalmic carpet?  Not giving the respect due our troops and our deepest appreciation from all Americans is outrageous.  I believe it is time all of us contacted our Congressmen/women and let them know this decision is unacceptable! All the men in my family have served our country and not all came home: WWI, WWII, Korean War and during brief moments of "peace" ... America's troops are not always given the proper "thank yous" - do not allow this to happen again!  Call the White House, your Representatives in Washington, or send a few faxes/Emails out - please!

World War II Ends

This picture is the famous picture of a Sailor kissing a Nurse. It was taken on this day (August 14) in the year 1945 at a Times Square celebration of the Victory over Japan in World War II.