Friday, December 30, 2011

WARNING to CONSERVATIVE BLOGGERS: Freedom of Speech at Risk!

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December 29, 2011 - Thursday - Earlier today the link to Bare Naked Islam was removed from Word (see above notice).  Bloggers running conservative sites should expect the same over the coming months.  Back up your work, your commentaries, and be prepared to set up links to your "backup" work.  Who will be next? The question each of must ask is,  "Not if, but when will our friends be shut down?"

We have been posting commentaries about the crookedness of the past elections; Acorn, etc.  We have pleaded with Congress to protect our Amendment rights under the Constitution (to no avail).  We have warned about the darn creeping Sharia laws (a contradiction to the US Constitution) slipping in the back door of our Courts, to which some judgments have over-ruled America's rights, under some fear of Islamic attacks, or to appease Islam.  We have also posted thousands of articles mentioning the ties between this White House and CAIR, with members of CAIR advising this President, all the while, our own FBI has found terrorist ties between CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The liberal Media, covers up "honor killings" and Jihad attacks on entire families (the most recent, a Muslim killing his entire family on Christmas Day, in Texas, while the killer was dressed up as Santa Claus - a mockery of the Christian celebration of Christmas).  But, should we blame the media, when this Administration has removed all language from government publications that describe the enemy of the United States of America?

This very week, I posted an article on a bill trying to get passed in January that would harm the freedom of speech for all of us, here on the Internet.  Congress may be on vacation, but it appears it has been on vacation these past three years, with no one having the courage to stand up and demand that ALL Americans be protected from tyranny, dictatorships, Sharia, and all things contrary to the Bill of Rights and the United States of America's Constitution.

What can we do?

For starters, send Emails to Word and demand that they allow BNI (Bare Naked Islam) be given her Constitutional rights to speak freely of the ever-present, ongoing war of words between Islamic terrorists and Americans right to free speech.

Secondly, notify your Congressmen and women that this must CEASE AND DESIST immediately.  The war against terrorism is fought on the battlefields and at home, with pen in hand (or computers) and now is not the time to be silent, for "Silence is not golden" when the enemy within is mocking us by suing the pants off of anyone who dare speak out against Sharia laws.

How is it that a miniorty of less then 2% of our population has gained such a foothold into our nation, that even the politicians dare not represent its citizens properly, but take their "lead" from the very ones meaning harm to American citizens?

Will it stop with the removal of Bare Naked Islam?  Hardly!  For every site removed, Americans will add two more daily, and the word will get out that no matter how crooked, how deceitful, how intimidating, the truth will continue to be published ... here, there and everywhere!  

Let the games begin!  This is war!  

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