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"Israel - A Roadblock to Terrorism" (Video) and a Response to False Accusations against Israel

Joyce Kaufman: The 7 Reasons to Support Israel

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At an event commemorating the first full year of weekly rallies in support of Israel held at Broward Boulevard and Northeast Third Avenue in Fort Lauderdale Florida keynote speaker Joyce Kaufman a WFTL 850 talk show host details "The 7 Reasons to Support Israel." Content News, Israel & Politics All content Copyright Channel1Images Inc 2009.

America's enemies are Israel's enemies.  Israel has been defending her nation from its surrounding Arab/Muslim countries since her rebirth in 1948.  Joyce Kaufman mentions "7 reasons" why we should support Israel, but the list is much longer than those 7 reasons.  

False Accusations:
Just before family arrived over the weekend, we had a visit from a fellow named Steve (Corry, Pennsylvania, United States) who stumbled upon our blog from  It was obvious Steve's comments demonstrated a lack of intelligence and facts, but his main purpose in bashing Israel, was to promote a lie and accusations made on this site: "Veterans Today", the article entitled "Breaking: Patriot Missles Seized, Sold to China by Israel (Updates)".

The Muslims are not Israel's only enemies; there are anti-Semitic, Israel-bashing folks throughout the world; but, it is shocking to see a link to a so-called U.S. military journal that promotes accusations against an ally of the United States.  The United States trains yearly with Israel's Defense Forces; they share their technology and information about terrorism that is essential to the security of the United States.  And yet, Steve, who claims to be a "veteran", sent us an Email stating: "Hey, thank your Israeli friends for selling patriot missiles to China. Maybe you could mention it to Pollard next time you visit him in prison."  Steve is also concerned about whether I, personally, am a "veteran", but the concern we have is the fact that Steve's claims of being a veteran are highly doubtful, for we give the United States veterans the highest respect for their service to America, and know that none would do harm or undermine America's allies.

False accusations against Israel compromise and put at risk the relationship between our two nations and undermine our military security.  Steve has spent numerous hours on our blog - one report showing he was on for 22 hours.  Americans Stand with Israel consider him our Number One fan this past week.  The best response to Steve's accusations is from an Israeli, who posted his response this morning, on Veteran's Today:

Note: Baron Eshed's comments are translated from Hebrew to English.


    • Baron Eshed ·  Top Commenter · Rehovoth, Hamerkaz, Israel
      He also tries to hurt you, step on the wounds. He said Pollard. Pollard affair begins that Pollard think the FBI was following him and trying to get into the Israeli embassy - but getting the door locked. That in Israel - did not tell him to give any information - it becomes of his problem. Pollard, exposed to sensitive information related to Israel, and ask the Ministry to give it to Israel. He gets a strong refusal.
      According to a joint agreement - Israel and the U.S., the two sides must share information, related to civil security.
      For some reason, the firm felt that Pollard worked him, not having the agreement of transfer of information related to Israel's security, and Pollard, decides to take the risk, and transmit data - related to Israel - if the office - not doing the job.
      Pollard met with a senior officer of the Israeli Air Force, that just in case he should be in the United States.
      The officer refused to hear something, and Pollard reveal information, the officer can not ignore. Officer transfers the information to Israeli intelligence, and there, do not like it. Pollard - not trained to be an Israeli spy in the U.S.. We have no spies in the United States against the United States, under oath.
      So, that Pollard flees to the Israeli embassy, he gets locked out. We did not send someone spy on the United States that we have the same common interests, under those seals, and an American president, what's the difference? He sets us much here. It's her signature hand.
      Pollard - accused of spying - but not trained as such, therefore, we do not like that tie his name with the purpose of spying for Israel.
      Information, had to get through the U.S. legally. Not through Pollard. But the result of the information, it saved the lives of Israelis, and became one of the action in Arab countries - and it served us well - even you to.

      • Baron Eshed ·  Top Commenter · Rehovoth, Hamerkaz, Israel
        How to insert the name of Israel, as if that was something that we know?

        Ship "Thor Liberty" was seen in Finland - on her way to China - AND
        To Israel - NO relation to these missiles. This paper a traitor - in Israel's relations with the United States. Look for the entire web around the world. No one outside this paper, do not blame Israel, and not - linking Israel to the ship. This paper - trying to be against Israel - and steal the opinion of citizens in the United States to be an enemy to Israel. Do not listen to it. We did not do an act that would endanger anyone. U.S. Army training with Israel. If the article is correct, stop now train with us - and not help us anymore. But that article complete with lies. Look for a link to another, accusing Israel with it. You will not see anything. Conclusion - Think, there is someone filled with lies and spreading lies.

        • Baron Eshed ·  Top Commenter · Rehovoth, Hamerkaz, Israel
          Another thing ..
          Did you forget, when you say that we "did not make a deal with John Doe," we just - let it. Breaking agreements, and get on the head, that Pernod agreements, think about a loss of money, - that you're telling us to change that. So - why blame us for anything? It is outrageous. And if you have on who to vote for any of us here, then do it. Give us names - and we know what to do, and you speak true. Bring us know the names. But very serious charges accuse without any paper that does, right? Not so to do, we know how U.S. citizens can think .. just because of lack of evidence, which is bounded on to false accusations with no basis of facts, citizens will receive a wrong picture that - nothing in from the truth.

          • Baron Eshed ·  Top Commenter · Rehovoth, Hamerkaz, Israel
            The accusations against Israel, unreal, nothing was. Bluff
            I myself am an Israeli, and as if, by that article, you know nothing about Israel's relations with the United States. United States, the blessed in the heart of the Israelis. We work with you 25 hours a day - get up an hour earlier. Our shared intelligence on the table, and you, your intelligence will inform well, what's right and what is not. Dear people. . We do not do things and not think to do something against. We are friends with common goals. Also we do not do it, because we know full well the consequences of incorrect actions, and not do something that can be against us. Still other reasons: China against sanctions on Iran ... So what we will do something one of these. Nothing makes sense. U.S. Army working with the IDF, not with China. Our goal - American friendship in one hundred percent. For no doubt. Not with someone who against U.S. citizens. It's very provocative, that are a stain on the unbreakable attribute - USA with Israel. So why? It's just not true.

        Baron Eshed is not the only individual questioning the reliability or responsibility of poor journalism.  Here is another individual who makes the following comments on Veteran's Today:

        Matt R · Kingfisher, Oklahoma
        given the facts put forth in this article.. Where exactly does the articles author come to the conclusion that "israel Sold the weapons to China"? as the article States " Finnish police say they opened all 69 units, are recording serial numbers and have been unable to find any documentation indicating the real ownership of the seized cargo. " so that Begs the question.. if they ahve NO Documentation to show who Owns them, or Where they came from.. then on What basis does the articles author Claim to be able to Deduce that "israel sold China the missles"? sorry, but that's a Valid Key point. This is an example of Very Shoddy reporting, and maybe even Wishfull Grasping at straws to make a "Big Splash" with the articles headline. Such a Shame.

        From Oklahoma to Israel,  what people are noticing is there is absolutely no evidence of Israel selling weapons to China; nor has our government and the White House made such claims. The security of both nations depends upon each other's ability to maintain secrecy when it comes to our national security; and to promote lies goes against everything the U.S.and Israel work together to prevent.

        As a matter of fact, in searching the Internet, as noted by Baron,  this appears to be the only link making such accusations!  No such claims are being made by the White House, the United States government, or other USA newspapers.  Foreign newspapers are stating that an ongoing investigation is in process and Steve should be aware that without evidence to the contrary, spreading lies is dangerous to the United States, Israel, and all American citizens, since Israel and the U.S. are on the same team when it comes to national security. .... Enough said!

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