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December 30, 2011

A last minute update. Reader TW informed me of a Tweet that Bare Naked Islam is back up on but must be gone by January 6th. A tweet says WordPress claims CAIR had nothing to do with their expulsion.

@barenakedislam barenakedislam
SHOCKER! WP has reinstated my blog and say CAIR did not pressure them. But they still want me gone by Jan 6

Read the latest BNI post here and note that while says CAIR did not pressure them, BNI says CAIR bragged about it all over the web.

Now to the story that I began with: Bloggers and readers are passionate about the silencing of Bare Naked Islam by Did the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) convince to remove the site from the Internet? The answer I guess is, we don’t know.  Please read the details here. I want to pass on some of the comments and links left on my article linked in the previous sentence. I know there are hundreds more on on other blogs. Take a look at No. 1 below. If you are a blogger or if you comment at counterjihadist sites, read it and think about it. Those of us who blog about everything political, but not solely about jihad, might consider doing at least one post a day on Jihadi Islamic behavior. UPDATE:

Support Bloggers @ Bare Naked Islam
1] We need a concerted approach to this attack, which is likely to be the first of many with other major counterjihadist blogs such as Atlas Shrugs and Jihad Watch also on CAIR’s list.

2012 looks like being the year when the Muslims make a major effort to shut down freedom of speech, because they know that Islam cannot survive the light of truth.

So we need to analyze our vulnerabilities.
Counterjihadist bloggers need to consider spreading the risk and avoiding presenting single concentrated targets for the enemy. Blogs need to be mirrored and duplicated and spread out around multiple platforms.

Counterjihadists should not merely comment on counterjihadist blogs, but should also disperse counterjihadist comments throughout the blogosphere (general political/religious/community blogs etc) wherever they can be slipped in. Crombouke @ Info on Islam

2] The Mosque in mentioned in the video has been tied to both attacks on the World Trade Center, The Ft Hood Murders, an assassination attempt on President George Bush. several cases of money laundering for Hamas, and 7 members who were arrested in Pakistan where they had gone to train with Al Quedea.
There was also an incident where a member and his wife were stopped by police after being observed videoing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge between Annapolis and Maryland’s Eastern Shore. A lot of families take video’s of the boats on the bay while they’re crossing the bridge. This couple was videoing the bridges supporting structure. Maybe they were going to give an engineering class at the Mosque.. Grumpy @ Grumpy Opinions

3] As soon as Bare Naked Islam gets back online, I plan to add it to blogroll. CAIR can go pound sand. Opus#6 atAmerican Perspective here and here.

4] If you find yourselves being sued by islamic supremacists, you should contact Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, they have been through it and know how to put you in touch with people who can help defend your right to speak the truth. Zilla @ Zilla of the Resistance

5] Just adding my “two cents” … this may be the final camel that broke the back to wake up everyone to the fact that we have slowly been losing our freedoms .. and I do not believe CAIR managed this by themselves; their connections are in all the crooked high places in Washington, DC. Bee Sting at Americans Stand With Israel

6] My advice to BNI would be  to self-host. is a free platform, is self-hosted. With a self-hosted site they could use advertising revenue to pay for the hosting fees. Then again, if SOPA is passed, we could all be at risk of being shut down at the whim of anyone with a beef and bureaucrats who will do their bidding.The Lonely Conservative

7] From some Greek orthodox Christians friends , With our support to barenakedislam and the wish , to read again A.S.A.Possible. anonymous
All these interest information’s and articles , provided by bare-naked ! Anonymous

8] Thanks Barenaked islam for showing us the truth about islam!!
From a serb orthodox christian…we will never give up to islam!!! Stefan

9] How many muslims go around and scream death to America, convert or die, islam will dominate the world, dance in the streets during 911 and they say its their right to free speech? But dare say muslims are terrorists or islam is violent, then all of a sudden its hate speech! Hypocrites! King of Infidels

Islam on the march!!!! we need to stop preaching to OUR choir and get out to the legislators – THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!! CAIR/HAMAS/ISLAM DICTATING TO AMERICAN PUBLIC WHAT WE CAN OR CANNOT SEE OR READ OR SPEAK?

The war is on full guns now – striking at the heart of American Constitutional Rights!! Advise your Congresspeople, Assemblypeople and local law makers – silencing of the First Amendment shall not be tolerated – and what an example to use!!

BNI was the ONLY site posting the most grim videos and pics of Islam at work. NO ONE ELSE HAD THE GUTS!!!

Like the saying used to be : who ya gonna believe – me or your lying eyes? DanS
11] One thing about it Maggie’s Notebook does not filter out comments and have to approve the truth blogged about our lousy government that has turned against it’s people. Shame on Word Press and anyone else that stands with CAIR (an evil back-lashing, backbiting group of Muz that will cut your head off in a heart beat as they even kill their own children in so called honor killings) What kind of people would do that sort or thing? ljcarolyne

12] I miss Bare Naked Islam; I think we are in a Battle for the hearts and minds of Western Civilization and he (or she?) was a brave and un-relenting warrior in that struggle. I hope that he/she finds another forum to publish her page and I’m sorry that Word Press are a bunch of spineless cowards…Alaska

13] I assure you…that BNI has not given up. She is a fighter for free speech and will continue to fight for us. She just needs to find a domain that isn’t full of Dhimmi cowards. TW

Let’s think about speaking the truth about jihad’s many avenues more frequently, as Info on Islam suggests, and hope that BNI finds a good home by January 6th.

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