Thursday, March 15, 2012

Democrats in Florida: Fly Defaced American Flag

Democrats In Florida Fly Defaced American Flag With Obama’s Face Replacing The Stars
Some kook at the Democrat party in Florida, named Nancy Hurlburt, said she would ‘research’ this issue, yet she still didn’t take down the defaced flag, claiming it was “private property”. Yet when you run a normal, non-defaced version of the American flag, the Democrats go wild.
Nearly a dozen veterans went to the door and urged them to take it down.
Bee's Note:
Everyone paying attention remembers the campaign days of Obama - the days when he displayed a lack of respect for the American flag - by not saluting America's flag while the national anthem was being played.

If Americans had questioned Senator Obama's loyalties and ideologies back then, he probably never would have made it to the White House.
And, it is apparent today that the flag still holds no meaning for President Obama, as he prefers to use a personal (and disgusting) logo, rather than the American flag.
It might have been cute to use a logo during the 2008 campaign, but when he stepped inside the White House, he should have trashed the logo and begin acting more like a leader of this nation and the American people.  
 That logo represents one man, not a nation and not America!
 Talk about an inflated ego (or insanity), this guy thinks Americans should follow him and not the US Constitution.  No wonder he has no problems suing states and ignoring  the will of the people!  No wonder he can't tell the difference between allies and enemies.  He never truly accepted the Title and duties of an American President and has been running a campaign for the past 4 years - never had to dust off the old logo.  
The Democrats in Florida saw an opportunity to deface the American flag, replace the stars representing each State with a  photo of their fearless leader, because for the Democrats, they walk to the sound of another tune - it is the tune of one man - a man without a history, or records, or loyalty to America's values - his name is Obama and he's sticking to it - no matter how many birth certificates, social security cards, and other falsified records pop up between now and Election Day in November.
Here's a more appropriate logo for Obama's new campaign:
Former leaders who used their faces on flags ....

This is not Germany, not Russia and not a dictatorship.  America is a Republic, so to all the liberals out there, keep Obama's face off of America's flag!  (and don't add 57 stars to it either!).

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Why our American flag is Red, White and Blue

A song about American History, with a deeper understanding of our flag.
A Lot of Battle Scares
Fifty Stars and Thirteen Parallel Bars
By: Richard Steel Hemingway

Fifty stars and thirteen parallel bars.

Red, white, and blue with many battle scars.
The United States flag flies high each day.
Admire it for all the lives, the United States families have gave.

England sent pilgrims to America and they formed thirteen colonies.
Thirteen colonies became states untied, against foreign and domestic enemies.
For obsessive strife, heroic suffering, and tremendous lose of life.
We honor the colonies with thirteen parallel bars, for having the courage to do what was right.
Unselfish in their sacrifice and their regard for humanity, allowed the birth of a new nation.
Independents and freedom for all of gods creations.

Every white star against the loyal blue background represents a sovereign state.
Fifty states from coast to coast and border to border entered a union that became great.
For many years, generations of American families have fought to tame the wilderness.
Centurys of hardships and heart felt sacrifice, to build a land that god might bless.
Lifetimes filled with dangerous accomplishments, despair and brutal privation.
United as one, all men created equal without limitation.

The color red is for the courage that has been shown by our brave men and women.
And for all the blood spilled in battles against the evil doings of men.
Our fore fathers have left us an inspiring legacy that leads us into battle without fear.
Parents proudly bless the hearts of their sons and daughters, love of country is perfectly clear.
Millions of Americans and Immigrants have died to keep our flag flying.
Leaving behind relatives and children, safely mourning and crying.

The color white represents liberty, it is for liberty that many men and women have died.
Six white stripes separates the color red, that our mother country has supplied. 
Showing we are all separate, independent people, duty bound to our union by faith.
Independent communities, when provoked we make a bond that will not break.
Freedom, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, are more than just battle calls. 
Hard labor, intensive fighting, and an iron will, is whats needed to keep liberty standing tall.

The color blue is for loyalty, it is loyalty that has preserved the United States.
Loyalty and integrity, saves lives in the battlefield, and it makes lives we live at home so great.
Men and women from all the great states bond as brothers and sisters in arms.
We march into battle to protect our comrades as well as our way of life and keep our family from harm.
Millions of people so loyal to freedom, they dont hesitate to lives or limbs.
When their county demands it of them, theyll fight as one to win.

Fifty stars and thirteen parallel bars and a lot of battle scars.

American Flag ,Fifty Stars, Thirteen parallel bars and a lot of battle scares

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