Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stranger than Fiction: US State Department sends condolences to PRC terrorists

Bee's Note:  Fresno Zionism noted that since Friday there have been 135 rockets launched at Israel, from Gaza, b the Popular Resistance Committee (PRC) terrorists.  Reports from Israel say that the Dome has managed to prevent 90% of the rockets from landing and killing Israeli citizens.  Today, Sunday, Hundreds of Thousands of Israeli children will be kept home from school due to the terror in south Israel.  Debka reports, as of last night, that 8 Israelis are injured and 12 Palestinians are dead. 
I have no idea if the US State Department would express more sympathy to Israel if there were Israeli deaths, but when the United States State Department sends expressions of condolences to the PRC terrorists aiming to shoot innocent civilians along the borders of Israel, into the cities and towns where Israelis must either sit in bomb shelters or find hiding places to stay alive, I have to wonder if there is a sane person left alive among our federal government officials.  
During the next few hours, I will be posting reports from Israel of the damage done (on both sides) but there is no doubt that Israel is under fire and once again, our MSM is under-reporting these acts of terror in the Middle East, against one of America's ally's. (But, if the Arabs were demonstrating in the streets, as they did in Egypt last year, you can bet the media would be showing lengthy video shots of the uprisings!).  One thing for sure - the State Department's sympathies for terrorists is no worse than Obama's apology tours; should we expect anything less (or more) from the State Department?! 

Siren and Explosions in Ashdod Following Gaza Rocket Bombing - by IDF

US State Department “regrets” PRC losses

As you know by now, over 135 rockets were launched at Israel over the weekend. The barrage was in response to the targeted killing of Zuhair Mussah Ahmad Qaisi and two other Popular Resistance Committee (PRC) terrorists. The PRC, which was responsible for the recent attack near the Egyptian border, was about to launch a “large scale” attack into Israel. A total of at least 15 more fighters were killed when Israel attacked rocket launching teams in Gaza. The PRC is one of the most vicious of the terrorist militias (see the link at the end of the post).
There are no reports of Israeli deaths, although about a million Israelis spent the night in shelters. Schools will be closed today (Sunday). The Gaza air strikes were targeted precisely and no Palestinians were killed who were not terrorists.
That did not stop the US State Department from issuing a statementincluding a remark that they “regret the loss of life.”
Considering what the PRC has done in the past, this is a somewhat strange thing to say!

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