Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Very Foreign Policy: Obama’s Support of Socialism, Islamism & Dictatorship Threatens World Freedom



by rogueoperator

“To give meaning to the factual raw material of foreign policy, we must approach political reality with a kind of rational outline, a map that suggests to us the possible meanings of foreign policy. In other words, we put ourselves in the position of a statesman who must meet a certain problem of foreign policy under certain circumstances, and we ask ourselves what the rational alternatives are from which a statesman may choose. [...] It is the testing of this rational hypothesis against the actual facts and their consequences that gives theoretical meaning to the facts of international politics.” – Hans Morgenthau, Politics Among Nations
During the Cold War, intelligence agents adopted Morgenthau’s method of using the rational actor assumption to decypher the meaning of Soviet apparatchik’s statements and actions. Disturbingly, we can apply the same method to fill in our gaps in knowledge about the stubbornly shadowy figure of Barack Obama, who is paradoxically the most scrutinized person in the world as President of the United States.

While many American are struggling to synthesize a complete picture of the president’s policy dispositions, due in part to glossy disinformation and deliberate withholding of information about the president’s radical past by the mainstream media, analysts can find the missing information to complete the picture about our president in his foreign policy.

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