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How Many Rockets Have Terrorist Groups Claimed To Have Fired Since last Friday?

NOTE:  Challah Hu Akbar has posted a 2-part report on how many rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel, and the number of strikes Israel has made in response to the terrorist attacks.  (See below):
Iron Dome defense/Israel

How Many Rockets Have Terrorist Groups Claimed To Have Fired Since Friday?

Islamic Jihad's Al-Quds Brigades - 185
Popular Resistance Committees' al-Nasser Salah al-Deen Brigades - 56
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) - 46
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine - National Resistance Brigades (DFLP) - 21
Fatah's Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades - 16
Al-Ahrar - 2
Jaysh al-Umma - 2
According to the terrorists themselves they shot AT LEAST 328 rockets between Friday and Tuesday night. ElderofZiyon aptly notes that "Interestingly, they are not counting any rockets fired since the "cease fire" on Tuesday night."
Tomorrow I will have a post on how many missiles Israel has fired over the same period, the answer may surprise you!
Rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza 
Rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza

How Many Missiles Did Israel Fire Into Gaza Since Friday?

Last night I asked “How Many Rockets Have Terrorist Groups Claimed To Have Fired Since Friday?
The answer is AT LEAST 328.
In a recent post, Hamas supporter and one-stater Ali Abunimah wrote:
Whenever you hear Israel’s tired hasbara refrain about rockets, rockets, rockets, remember to ask the question Yousef Munayyer recently asked: Why don’t Israel’s spokespeople ever tell us how many rockets, missiles and bullets Israel has fired on Gaza? 
Of course the answer is because it is by orders of magnitude greater in both number and explosive power than anything Palestinian armed groups have or ever could muster against Israel.
So, how many missiles did Israel fire into Gaza since Friday?

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights, who refers to the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) as the IOF (Israeli Occupation Forces), provides the answer in their recent report.
Israeli warplanes launched 36 air strikes, during which they fired 43 missiles.
Let’s review. Since Friday, Palestinian terrorists have fired OVER 328 rockets and mortars into Israel, while Israel has fired approximately 43 missiles at specific terror targets in Gaza.. In other words, Palestinian terrorists fired over SEVEN TIMES as many projectiles at Israeli communities as Israel shot at specific terror related targets in Gaza.
As ElderofZiyon recently wrote:
For moral midgets like Abunimah to pretend that somehow Israel's actions are worse than those of terror groups in Gaza is simply an attempt to justify terrorism.
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