Monday, March 12, 2012

video: PRC terrorists admit Hamas is not discouraging rocket fire - Elder of Ziyon

Monday, March 12, 2012


Hamas apologists love to say that any rocket fire from Gaza is done despite Hamas efforts for calm. While this may be true sometimes, the current attacks - some 180 rockets since Friday - are being done without any Hamas interference whatsoever.

Keep in mind that Hamas has complete control over the tunnels into Gaza, so it knows about every rocket being smuggled in. And that means that every Grad rocket being shot by terror groups like Islamic Jihad were acquired with the full knowledge and approval of Hamas.

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Islamic Jihad refuses cease fire - because they think they are winning

Islamic Jihad put out an announcement saying that they refuse to consider a cease-fire from their rocket attacks. And the reason seems to be that they think that they are winning.

The Al-Quds Brigades military wing of Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, Saraya ...announced its responsibility for the bombing of targets with missiles named "Locusts" and "Jerusalem" and "107" and mortars. The number of rockets and missiles launched by Saraya since the start of the aggression is now more than 180.

The Al-Quds Brigades in several separate military communications, said the harvest of jihad in the ongoing battle with the enemy for a fourth day in a row came as follows:
- Q 2:50 dawn: the bombing of the city of Ashkelon with a Jerusalem rocket.
- 3:10 am Q: the bombing of the city of Beersheba Grad rocket.
- 3:20 am Q: Beersheba bombing Grad rocket.
- Q 4:00: the bombing of a gathering of the mechanisms of Zionism within the site Kissufim mortar with 3 120 mm.
- Q 7:30: the bombing of the Sufa crossing a missile 107.
- Q 9:30: the bombing of the city of Beersheba, occupied by 3 Grad rockets.
- Q 9:40: the bombing of military site Kerem Shalom with 3 mortars.
- 10:15 Q: the bombing of the occupied city of Ashdod with a Grad rocket.
- 10:30 Q: the bombing of a military post east of Beit Hanoun by two mortars.
- 11:20 Q: bombing a missile complex in Eshkol with a 107.
- 12:30 Q: bombing site Nahal Oz with 3 missiles, "107."
- 12:40 Q: occupied Beersheba bombing by 3 Grad rockets.
- 1:15 pm: City of Gan Yavne bombing with a Grad.

Al-Quds Brigades confirmed that there is no truce with the Zionist enemy, and that the battle is still open and ongoing. It stressed to move forward on the approach of the martyrs and the resistance until the liberation of the entire territory of Palestine from the sea to the river.

The "Al-Quds Brigades" military wing of Islamic Jihad still leads the field of resistance and confrontation, and made enormous sacrifices of the finest Mujahideen and fighters, and managed thanks to God to shoot to the occupation more than 170 rockets and shells since the start of the Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip.

On the other hand the life in cities and Zionist settlements is now non-existent, and millions of Zionist usurpers are still inside the shelters, for the fourth consecutive day, out of fear and horror of the blessed rockets of the Quds Brigades, that have turned their nights into day, and towns into ghost towns, amid the continuing enemy leaders begging for calm demanding the return of calm and cease missiles, and this is what Al-Quds Brigades rejects out of hand, to not allow the enemy to pay themselves with the blood of the Mujahideen and their leaders and heroes of the resistance, whenever he pleases.

For its part, the leadership of "Al-Quds Brigades" military wing of Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine will continue its jihad at all costs, in light of the Zionist escalation of the Gaza Strip, and will not talk about calm at all.

The command said in a statement to Al Saraya yesterday that the bombing would be met by bombing and to step up the escalation will be met, and will continue to respond to crimes of the occupation against the Mujahideen and their leaders and heroes of the Palestinian resistance. She added that the morale of the hero fighters are at the highest levels.

Islamic Jihad stresses that she has the means to survive and continue, warning the occupation against going too far in his crimes against the militants in the Gaza Strip. And at the same time it denied the rumors of the news of a calm that was to enter into force at 12 last night.
The Islamic Jihad websites are filled with contradictory articles about how the Zionists are being forced to run to shelters and stay away from school, while at the same time they are performing war crimes on the citizens of Gaza.

Here are the brave mujahadeen who are too afraid to show their faces at a press conference: