Thursday, March 15, 2012

Iran threatens N. Israel with bombardment from Lebanon


Hizballah LebanonTehran has begun capitalizing on its allies” two perceived victories: Bashar Assad’s success in seizing Idlib from rebel hands and the Palestinian Jihad Islami’s triumphal missile assault from Gaza.

The Iranians are now moving forward with plans to match the Palestinian assault on southern Israeli with an offensive on the north from Lebanon. This is reported by debkafile’s exclusive sources in the wake of a visit paid by high-ranking Iranian and Hizballah officials Wednesday morning, March 14, to the Lebanese-Israeli border region opposite Metulah, Israel’s northernmost town at the tip of the Galilee Panhandle.

The Iranian group, led by Ali Akbar Javanfekr, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s spokesman, arrived in a heavily guarded convoy at the Fatma outpost opposite Metulah for its rendezvous with Hizballah military intelligence officers.

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Bee's Note:
Iran - Islamic country and supplier of weapons to just about every single terrorist organization throughout the world: Hezibollah, Hamas, Taliban, etc. and etc.  Islam - destroyer of all things good, while embracing its murdering, terrorist-promoting evil ideology.  Remind me again how Islam is the "Religion of Peace", because their love of terrorism and war demonstrates Islam's inability to live in a civilized world.  
And, if the world allows Iran to have nuclear energy, the world has lost touch with reality!