Thursday, August 8, 2013

3 Reasons Why the IDF Artillery Corps Owns the Battlefield

The IDF Artillery Corps wields an astonishing array of weapons that incorporate the cutting-edge of technological progress.2

Discover 3 of the most sophisticated weapons in the arsenal of this powerful fighting force.

1. The MLRS

The MLRS (multiple launch rocket system) is one of the most sophisticated, decisive and powerful systems in the Artillery Corps’ arsenal. It is a system designed to strike deep inside enemy territory using an advanced multi barrel rocket launcher system.
The MLRS is defined by its great flexibility and astonishing mobility.

Sitting atop a combat vehicle suited to tough terrain, the MLRS can be deployed and launch its rockets in the blink of an eye towards targets up to 42 kilometers away. The long-range rockets can strike at enemy command centers and tactical targets with pinpoint precision. In recent years the IDF has developed a rocket for the MLRS that self-corrects its own flight path, adding a new level of precision to the system that should have enemies running scared.

2. The Tamuz Missile

This sophisticated anti-tank and anti-personnel missile has a range of 20 kilometers and hurtles silently towards the target at a whopping 220 meters per second. The Tamuz can be used effectively to neutralize terrorist cells and infrastructure with incredible precision. The missile has another trick up its sleeve: it is able to target both stationary and moving targets. A special camera helps the Tamuz track the target until the inevitable point of impact. See for yourself.
Video: Tamuz Missile Strikes a Moving Target



The Skylark I-LE is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) – small, lightweight, and practically unnoticeable.  It’s light enough to be carried by one person and can be setup to fly in less than 8 minutes. The Skylark can manage 3 hours of unmanned flight-time with a live video feed, day and night, in any weather condition. It’s quiet as a mouse with the eyes of a hawk. Quickly deployed and quickly recovered. Watch it in action.

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