Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Americans Stand United - God Bless the U.S.A.

Some very disturbing information has come in from a friend on my FB page.
Information that I am sure Americans may want to know. I will post just as it was posted by a friend, who states he received this information in emails.

1st message

The Obama regime is "on the run".  This is important to the Muslims, as Al Qaeda is supposed to be on the run, but Obama, being an ignorant wussy, has managed to piss off the entire Islamic world of whom he has been kissing their asses from day one. What did it get him for kissing their asses and betraying America? It got him betrayed.  

They are poised to tell the world all the underhanded things his regime did to help them, just to embarrass him.
The UK, and France jumped into this mess with Obama and are regretting it. There is about to be a world wide uprising of Muslims, as they see the US, the UK, and EU as weak. They feel it's their time to strike. Obama has turned the "war on terror" into a massive surrender.

2nd message

The Islamic world is about to rise up, as they feel Obama has betrayed them by not keeping his promise to help them destroy Israel.

Obama even put
"Samantha Powers" (born in Ireland) at the UN who hates Israel. This was not enough for them; then Obama used Mursi to silence the Libyan Ambassador, then betrayed Mursi when he was finished with him.

All hell is about to break loose across the Islamic world, with a focus on US, EU, and UK. These three have bent over backwards to kiss the asses of these Islamic demons, worshiping Muslim enclaves and now, as per the Muslim normal, they betray and attack their "non-Muslim" friends, known as Dhimmi's.

I have always tried to warn Americans. One does not bow and kiss the tuckus of Muslims, for they see such actions as "Weakness."   Bullies stand down only when they fear you. Without fear, they attack.... and attack they will bring upon America, thanks to Obama.

Obama cannot even do evil without messing it up. I have always said, that G-d would have the last say over Obama and Justice will be served over all those who have tried to destroy America and Israel . The only problem is innocent people are now going to have to suffer and die because of a few men's insane quest for power.

May G-d have Mercy upon Americans and all those who have put their Trust in HIM (Obama).


Bee's note:
Since the announcement of the US Embassies closing, everyone has an opinion, or a conspiracy theory.  However, since Obama's track record for honesty is nil, one thing American patriots agree upon is the fact that nothing coming out of the mouths of this administration is truthful; the continued cover-ups and lies are mounting as high as Mt. Everest and still, congressional hearing are not able to expose the lies, or bring the guilty parties to accept responsibility for their actions.

The media, for the most part, have sung the praises of Obama since he took office.  They do not report the news, or facts; they have simply promoted Obama and his agenda, no matter how anti-American that agenda is; and we certainly have witnessed his apology tour to the Islamic world since "Day One".

You know the drill; you have the same information I have and if you don't, you can easily Google whatever you want - the truth is out there - all you have to do is seek and find it.

Which brings me to the warning from a friend, posted above.

The Egyptians are not happy with Obama's support for the Muslim Brotherhood.  In Morsi's short reign as Egypt's new President, we had the storming of our Embassy in Egypt and the killings in Benghazi, with many reports pointing to Morsi as one of the men behind those attacks.  The terrorists in Benghazi certainly aren't happy with the United States.  

According to some news over the past 24-48 hours, the "leaks" about an imminent attack on the US, or its Embassies, came out of Yemen.  It doesn't matter how many Drones we've used to attack terrorists in Yemen, it's like playing "Whack-a-mole" - more just keep popping up!

This administration, as noted in the two messages from a friend, has made enemies and appears weak to the Islamic world, in spite of all his apologies for America.  Obama's betrayals of America and Israel have done much to lose the trust of our allies, along with our enemies.  I always wondered how anyone could trust a man willing to betray his own people.  Now I know - they don't!

Tonight, America stands alone; just as the world has forced Israel to stand alone.  

I trust the input of friends more than I do anyone in Washington, DC.  That friend has put her concerns into writing two messages, to warn us about the Islamic attitude towards the United States.  What she says is not surprising, or shocking.  We've been aware for years that one day, the Apologist-in-Chief would rule the day he betrayed our nation.  Time will tell if that one piece of "new" information she shared will be revealed by the Islamic world.

Meanwhile, my message to the world is this:  Americans are not living in fear of some new terrorist plot. We have survived every evil attack our enemies have thrown at us and shall continue surviving under the banner of our flag, which stands for freedom.  I love this land!  
Embassies may close; travel warnings may be posted for Americans; but America has not closed her doors - (just ask Obama about his open border policy).  

As my friend's prayer stated in her closing message, "May God have mercy upon Americans", but I will add "May God bless America, always.  Amen and Amen!"

God Bless the U.S.A.