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Palestinian youth throw rocks at Israeli border police during clashes ...

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I hope everyone knows the TRUTH by now and disregard Arab propaganda, and know that the Palestinian people never existed and was a creation by British appointed Ottoman Mufti al-Hussaini.
al-Hussaini was suppose to provide religious solace to remains from the Ottoman empire. Instead, just like the mosques and imam’s of today, he used his ‘religious’ role not to provide spiritual guidance to Muslims but to conduct genocide against Jews. They are no “victims” of occupation, no victims of loss of any land, no victims of anything. They are aggressors. They are the early formation of terror organization Hamas (under the very first formation of what became the Muslim Brotherhood) and are breeding and existing solely to be trained from childhood on how to be used by Hamas to commit terrorism, not only against Israel but once Israel is wiped out, against Spain, Italy and the rest of Europe.
“Palestinians” have a home land. They’ve always had a homeland of their own. They forced their presence on Israel by mass immigration from Egypt and Arabia. So, why doesn’t Egypt and Arabia take them back and the whole battle is ended once and for all? No one wants them back because they know they are terrorists. Egypt doesn’t want them, Arabia doesn’t want them. Jordan was handed to these fake Palestinians as an appeasement and an easy way out of war. But was that enough? Muslims will never stop persecuting the Jews until they managed to kill every single one of them, whether they are in Israel or the Jews relocated to the moon! It is the duty of the modern world to protect these people against Muslim savagery.
Whatever will happen to the Jews will eventually be brought to the rest of us. Muslims will always hunt them and war against them. There will never exist any form of “peace treaty” until Muslims are put in their place. Don’t believe in it. Muslims don’t want peace. Hamas has it imposed in their own They don’t want peace with the Israeli’s, nor the Thai’s, the Hindu’s, the Buddhist’s, the Christian’s, the Sikh’s – the kafir, NO ONE. Its against Islam and jihad against non-Muslims is an Islamic duty. The only party that wants peace and never was the aggressor to start with, is Israel.
Stand up for Israel’s right not only to defend itself but to kill the occupiers on their land and remove them completely if they have to, to rid themselves of this satanic diseases that is forcing themselves on them. Muslims are using the same mass-immigration method to occupy Western countries as they did in Palestine, and gradually create no-go zones and push locals out until no one else is allowed in these zones. Over the years these zones then become the exact same argument of theirs for violence and warring until the whole country bends to their demands. Countries that face Muslim aggression and immigration, like Myanmar, must be fully supported to take violent action against their occupiers.
.[Thanks to Stan for sending this in] This baby is an Israel, Jewish, baby girl, by the name of Na’ama, that was stoned by a Palestinian in the face! But, there’s nothing on the Israeli leftist media, and the international media. SEE what the Palestinians are doing, but suddenly the whole world is blind!
If it was a Palestinian person (NOT EVEN A BABY!), the whole world will rumble in screams to stop the Israeli occupation, and the apartheid, together with the Israeli Leftist Media such as Channel 2, Channel 10, Channel 1 etc. Immediately the UN would have called on sanctions towards Israel RIGHT WAY!
But, this baby is not Palestinian, it’s a Jewish baby, that didn’t do nothing wrong. And yet, no one is doing anything. NO ONE is doing anything to stop the Palestinian monsters! And why? Well because of two reasons:
1. The most common – Everyone is buying the Palestinian lies, that the Israelis are the problem.2. The real reason that everyone refuse to accept – ANTI-SEMITSM. Because of the Anti-Semtism towards Israel, and the interior treason in the country by the hands of the Leftist activists and Media, no one will deal with it.

I’m stating now what is obvious – All the world nations are hypocrites. Including the UN.
The baby girl, Na’ama, only 1.5 years old, survived, with injuries on her nose and face. She will recover. Her face will recover. But the wound in the new family, will never recover.