Monday, August 5, 2013

Barry Soetoro: Groomed by the Muslim Brotherhood

Groomed by the Muslim Brotherhood—is Obama the Muslim nation’s new caliph? Try to remove him and see “jihad” as never imagined before!

Obama is galvanizing (uniting) the Muslim nation.
The Muslim Brotherhood is primarily Sunni, one of the two major sects of Islam and which the majority of Muslims are, including all in Indonesia where Obama was in his most formative years raised by his Muslim stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, and where his name was Barry Soetoronot Barack Obama. And now he is aiding the Muslim Brotherhood with American tax-dollars and weapons to overthrow the Shia sect in Syria. The Shia Muslims in Syria were until recently aided by the mullahcracy in Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon, both are Shia Muslims. But don’t misunderstand, the violent conflict between Sunni and Shia sects (seen in Iraq and Syria today) has always been temporary, i.e., until a new caliph is chosen.
NOTE: Mohammad gave no directions as to the choosing of his successor. There were two customary means of selecting a leader — having a hereditary leader, or choosing someone when OPPORTUNITIES for action arise, i.e., opportunities to conquer (dominate) the world in accordance with the Qur’an.
Abdulaziz and Ahmadinijad
For the cameras, Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (Sunni) and Ahmadinejad of Iran (Shia) are in fact united against the United States, Israel and Western civilization. See the Sunni Muslim glaring at Ahmadinejad: It will take time for them to get used to unity.
So now We the People of the United States of America have a Sunni Muslim in our White House aiding, comforting and uniting Islamic powers into a caliphate while most American Citizens are truly struggling financially. Many of us don’t even have a bank account any longer and are dependent on food stamps.
If you do not know that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is a Muslim, then you do not know what Islam is, (i.e., you do not know what the Quran instructs), and have not acknowledged the facts.
Obama wrote in his book, “The person who made me proudest of all though was Roy, he converted to Islam.” A Christian would NEVER say that! Roy is Barack Obama’s brother and after “he converted to Islam” he changed his name to Abongo“. What we must acknowledge here is that Obama’s mother married a second Muslim, Lolo Soetoro, who adopted her son in Indonesia and his name was Barry Soetoro. “Barry” is not a Muslim name and after leaving Indonesia he changed his name to “Barack,” an Arabic Muslim name. Also Barack wrote in his book, “Lolo followed a brand of Islam… I looked to Lolo for guidance.” What we must acknowledge is that Barry’s stepfather, Lolo, and mother enrolled him in two separate Indonesian schools as a Muslim. They could have circled Catholic, Christian, Buddhism, Hindu, but they circled Islam. And in a third quote from Obama’s book he says, I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Instead of saying he is on the side of America, or of Western civilization, or on the side of the Jews and the Christians who are the victims of Islamic terrorism instructed by the Quran and hadith, he is going to stand with the Muslims. And we see him doing this daily: He has been aiding and comforting the Muslims on every issue and at every step of the way. 
And that’s just up to 2010, and he has not changed course since then. And while he did approve of the killings of bin Laden and al-Awlaki (Islam permits killing fellow Muslims to spread Islam as the dominant power) Obama has never said anything negative about the advance of Sharia, including in the United States.
In 2008 a poll found that 1 out of 10 Americans believed Obama to be a Muslim. In 2012, four years later, a poll found 1 out of 6 believed Obama to be a Muslim, and these figures are rising. That’s because Americans are beginning to see and acknowledge that the Quran instructs Muslims to lie to unbelievers.
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