Monday, August 5, 2013

Obama: The Name that Strikes Fear in the Hearts of No One

Obama: The Name that Strikes Fear in the Hearts of No One

In the start of Jimmy Carter’s third term, or, what we commonly refer to as Obama’s second term, enemies of the United States of America act like rowdy children terrorizing the timid substitute teacher.

Al Qaeda, Obama crowed in 2012, is on the run!

Apparently, those that aren’t pouring over the borders into Syria, are on the run to the nearest US Embassy.

In droves.

With Obama’s election to office, the chattering class inexplicably proclaimed that America will be respected again.

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t give a damn if folks like Al Qaeda, Iran, Syria, China or North Korea respect us.

I want them to fear us.

I want them to have a grudging respect for America because we are a superpower who could wipe them off the face of the planet without breaking a sweat.

But let’s, for the sake of argument, concede that all we want is to be liked and respected.

Is our nation respected when we cower and buckle under the threat of terrorists?

Is our nation respected when Vladimir Putin grants asylum to
Edward Snowden despite Obama’s plaintive pleas?

No. They have no respect, grudging or otherwise for this financially strapped nation, led by a
cowardly President less concerned with having a powerful military the world fears than he is a military where homosexuals can be out and proud.

Barack Obama is the timid substitute teacher who is terrorized and ridiculed by the rowdy classroom.

Nobody takes him seriously.

Nobody fears him.

Why should they?

Barack Obama unilaterally disarms us.

Barack Obama spends his first overseas trip as President reading one speech after the other apologizing for the United States of America. Accusing the US of being, “arrogant,” “dismissive,” and “derisive.”

Barack Obama literally bows to world leaders (note to Joe Biden, that is the proper use of the word “literally”).

Jimmy Carter was just a naïve peacenik.

Obama is a dangerous, irresponsible ideologue.

Obama didn’t send Al Qaeda packing.

He surrendered to them.

He’s arming them in Syria.

He’s capitulating to them at the UN by selecting an Anti-Israel, Pro-Terrorist, Anti-Semite Marxists as his UN Ambassador.

[Note to the 30 Republicans who voted to confirm this radical Marxist nominee: we'll deal with you guys later.]

Obama can put every drone in the universe in the skies. It won’t change the fact that he is a cowardly pansy and every single one of our enemies know it.

We do not need a President more concerned with winning the Miss Congeniality Award at the United Nations than protecting and defending the American People.

We need a President the rest of the world fears.

A woman concerned with walking home late at night doesn’t choose the skinny, effeminate doofus with big ears to walk with her; she chooses the burly, muscular, and if possible, armed guy to walk her home.

We do not live in Candyland.

We live on the Planet Earth in the 21st Century. There are evil, hateful regimes hell bent on destroying us.

Good gracious, the pudgy little guy from North Korea (who looks more like a character from “South Park” than a Dictator) is feared more than Barack Obama.

Barack Obama’s Fantasy-Land is inhabited by Hopey Changie idiots who are less like Americans and more like the Eloi from H.G. Wells’ classic book The Time Machine — blissfully ignorant of the bubbling threat of the Morlocks. Hopey Changey Low-Information Eloi stupidly live their lives drinking their half-caff lattes, putting their groceries in their reusable grocery bags, snapping selfies for Instagram, posting their “Pink Equal Sign” Facebook badges, and tweeting their support for‪#‎StandwithWendy‬. They ignorantly believe that America is safe and “the world respects us again” because Barack Hussein Obama is President.

Meanwhile, there are the Morlocks of this world. Unlike Wells’ Morlochs who are deeply hidden, our Morlocks are right out there in plain sight: Muslim Jihadists, China, North Korea, Russia, Nuclear Iran, a radicalized Turkey, Al Qaeda in Syria — all of them with their sights set on the destruction of the United States of America, not to mention Israel.

The Morlocks do not fear Barack Hussein Obama.

Why would they?

While US Embassies close in fear of a terrorist attack, and the National Security Team gather to strategize, Mr. Hope & Change hit the links to play a little golf.

His faithful Eloi take to the Twitters to harangue us into signing a birthday card for our Simpering Leader.

Who in their right mind would fear this guy?

The world isn’t safer now that George W. Bush is no longer President. The world is in more danger today than it was in 2008.

Our enemies used to fear us.

Our allies trusted us.

Then came Barack Eloi Obama, the world’s most timid substitute teacher.

And now, our enemies are getting rowdy. ~ Diann Russell

h/t Jack WV