Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Homegrown Jihad: The Terrorist Camps in the U.S. (Video)

Here is a list of 30 locations inside the United States…

1. Marion, Alabama 2. Baladullah, California 3. Oak Hill, California 4. Squaw Valley, California 5. Tulare County, California 6. Buena Vista, Colorado 7. Tallahassee, Florida 8. Commerce, Georgia 9. Jessup, Georgia 10. Springfield, Massachusetts 11. Hagerstown, Maryland 12. Hyattsville, Maryland 13. Coldwater, Michigan 14. Binghamton, New York 15. Deposit, New York 16. Hancock, New York (National Headquarters) 17. Talihina, Oklahoma 18. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19. Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania 20. York, South Carolina 21. Dover, Tennessee 22. Houston, Texas 23. Waco, Texas 24. Fairfax, Virginia 25. Falls Church, Virginia 26. Meherrin, Virginia 27. Red House, Virginia 28. Roanoke, Virginia 29. Bethany, West Virginia 30. Onalaska, Washington

h/t - My thanks to Jack WV

Bee's note:
Americans are fed up with the terrorists using our land to train as future Jihad bombing attacks.  The camps should be under NSA's radar and all in the camps, deported to their countries of natural origin.

We've been aware of these training camps for years and, having anything on our soil which threatens Americans' ability to be secure in their own country is unacceptable, not to mention treasonous.  Their goals and teachings are against the U.S. Constitution.  When will our government deport the traitors?!  

"Soldiers of Allah" have no business in these United States of America.  Look at the Ft. Hood Islamic shooter; political correctness had the Military's hands tied (or so that is what is explained to us, as an excuse for this shooter killing 13 and wounding 30 plus of his own troops.

Political Correctness should not become a policy that means "Death to Americans"!

Clean out these "strongholds" of Allah and deport all involved! Immediately!

Remember - according to our government, "We are not at war with Islam" - Islam is at war with America.  Doubt this?  Then explain why Obama closed 27 ME Embassies this past weekend.  Drones struck Islamic terrorist in Yemen (yesterday).  Sure looks like a war to me and all those who are awake!
Listen to the video and discover how many terror attacks are associated to the leaders in these camps!  (Including the beheading of Daniel Pearl - photo).