Thursday, August 8, 2013

Immigrants and Citizens: "Cherishing America's Freedoms

Gimme That Ol’ Time…Immigrant and Citizen

If only we could be sure our new immigrants cherished the opportunities and freedoms only America can give…

If only we could be sure our citizens realized the opportunities and freedoms only America can give…

If only we all knew what we had before it’s gone…and held on tight…

If only…

H/T   Jack WV

Bee's note:
Long before there were millions of people climbing over fences to enter the United States through backdoors, about 100 years ago, my husband's family arrived in NYC, with proper documents and made a new life here in America.  They were bricklayers, chefs, factory workers, and while life was hard, they raised their families with a sense of great patriotic pride, unlike anything witnessed today.

The next generation became doctors, policemen, pilots, architects, engineers, and their educations were not paid for by the government.  Many of these young adults managed to pay their way through colleges and universities by working long hours, in between their studies.  And, their parents worked even longer hours to assist in paying their tuitions. 

A tradition carried on today, is the celebrating of being citizens of the United States.  The American flag waves proudly on most of their homes, and in their yards.

Unlike Obama's claim that "we did not build this", our families beg to disagree!  We did build this - our lives, our families, and the traditions we have passed on to each generation were built by the love of those first immigrants who arrived on America's shores, with nothing in their pockets, but a love and dream for a better life here in the land of freedom, of great liberty, and national pride for America.

We are Americans and Americans built this great nation.  

So, to all who think Obama has a right to say, "We did not build this" - "This" means our nation - and we most certainly did build "This".  Our men died for "this"; while others continue to build upon the dreams of their great grandfathers and mothers.  

Amnesty does not BUILD UP - it tears down the very fabric of America.  They receive for "free" what we fought for, and did with our own creativity to survive, grow,, and all without a free ride from government.

Think about "this" the next time Obama gives a speech about "sharing" the wealth.  We do cherish our freedoms and "no one can take that away from us".