Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Abbas: Israel will be responsible for any failure of talks

Bee's note:  I rarely share propaganda from the PLO/Fatah organization, but sometimes the lies Abbas promotes through the media (who are all to willing to spread his propaganda) are so over the top, I find it necessary to show how terrorists work their "magic" in attempts to slander Israel.
Abbas, the smiling faced terrorist known as "leader" of the Fatah movement and supported by the West in their appeasements to the Arabs, will have no one to blame for the failed "talks" but himself.  As I stated earlier today, this is the same guy who had to be bribed with a FOUR BILLION DOLLAR "GIFT" from the US, just to get him to the table and yet, he still refuses to face PM Netanyahu face to face.  
Abbas, and his Fatah movement, are the same people who demonstrate their "love" towards the Jews by teaching their children to hate from the day they are born! Their youth are filmed daily throwing rocks at the IDF and Israeli citizens; murder Jewish families in the dead of night while sleeping, as  two teenage Palestinians did at Itamar, in Samaria, March 11, 2011, and the list is piling higher these past 30 days, as Palestinians are guilty of murdering two IDF soldiers and countless other criminial actions too numerous to mention here.
Sorry, Abbas, but your crying to the Media does not work; we're on to your slanderous lies, propaganda, and are fully aware of your hypocritical, crooked attempts to blame Israel for your unwillingness to seriously seek peace with the Jewish nation Israel.
The EU and the West can slam Israel for building on their own homeland; the Arabs can continue their propaganda and none of their interference will prevent Israel from growing, in spite of the intentions of most "leaders" to cut up Israel into pieces for the sake of appeasing their oil-rich buddies in the Arab world.  
There are 22 Arab nations surrounding the tiny Land of Israel.  Jordan is the Palestinians homeland.  Hasn't anyone figured out yet that anyone of these Islamic nations could welcome the Palestinians with open arms; but that would ruin their true goal of wiping Israel off the map.  
They don't want to support these Arab Palestinian "brothers"; they block the PA terrorists at the Egyptian gates/borders, treat them like scum in Lebanon, and then accuse Israel of not being "fair" to these troublemaker PLO/PA/Hamas terrorists.  Hamas and the Fatah movement are cut from the same cloth - Arafat's PLO and for whatever political reasons, the West decided to choose the lesser of two evils, according to them, by dubbing Fatah as "moderates".  They are as "moderate" as the rebel terrorist groups in Syria.
It is past time for Israel to stand her ground and say "Enough!".

Abbas: Israel will be responsible for any failure of talks

Palestinian President says if peace talks fail, Israel will be to blame, backs UN's demand that Israel stop settlement construction
Published: 10.22.13, 22:34 / Israel News

Visiting the Lithuanian capital, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Tuesday that Israel would be responsible for any failure of the peace talks.

"We will not accept that," Abbas said in response to a question of the Baltic news agency BNS on any future Israeli military control the borders of a demilitarized Palestinian state.

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"And if they (the negotiations) fail, they (the Israelis) will be the reason for this failure, not us," the Palestinian president added.

"They do not have the right to stay on our land after the signing of the peace treaty," Abbas said.

"They don't have the right to stay in our territories after we signed a peace treaty," he noted, stressing that he accepts a future demilitarized Palestinian state.

"We want, according to the Oslo Accords , a strong police force. This is exactly what we want, how we understand, how they understand, how the Americans understand it," the Palestinian leader said.

He also welcomed the European Union's call on Israel to stop building settlements.

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite urged Israel on Monday to halt the development of settlements in the occupied territories."

After a meeting with Abbas in Vilnius, Grybauskaite stressed that "the European Union does not recognize the settlements as part of Israel ".

A new round of talks to Israeli-Palestinian peace was held Monday night in Jerusalem, focusing in the issue of water rights, a Palestinian official said Tuesday.



Haniyeh: There's No 'Palestine' Without Gaza

Ismail Haniyeh"Gaza’s Hamas Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh, has stated that there will never be a Palestinian state which does not include Gaza.
In a speech he gave Sunday in front of members of the Hamas student union, Haniyeh declared that “there will not be a Palestinian state without Gaza and there will not be a state without a Gaza that stands firm and which was released by the warriors.”  read more