Wednesday, October 23, 2013

BREAKING: Report: IAF Bombs Syrian Missiles

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IAF F-16
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IAF warplanes attacked a shipment of advanced missiles from Syria to Hezbollah, says Kuwaiti newspaper

First Publish: 10/23/2013, 11:20 AM
By Gil Ronen
IAF warplanes attacked a shipment of advanced missiles that Syria was transferring toHezbollah, according to Kuwaiti newspaper Al Jareeda. The attack took place on Monday.

An official source in Jerusalem reportedly confirmed the attack took place but did not say where. The missiles were reportedly "long range and accurate" ones.

In late July, IAF jets bombed trucks carrying Syrian missiles bound for Hezbollah's warehouses in Lebanon, according to Syrian opposition sources.

The bombing reportedly targeted a Syrian military base near the town of Quneitra, not far from the Golan Heights cease-fire line

That was the fifth known Israeli attack this year on Syrian weapons bound for Hezbollah. Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad reportedly wants to send the weapons to Hezbollah for safekeeping, out of fears they will fall into the hands of the rebels forces fighting him inside Syria, whilst the Iranian-backed terrorist group seeks "game changing weapons" – such as anti-aircraft missiles – in exchange for its costly intervention in the Syrian civil war on behalf of the Syrian regime.

and a report (and photo) from my friend, Roy Ore:

Kuwait reports : IDF attacked Lebanon weapons Truck
According to the report the truck was carrying " advanced missiles " designated Hezbollah. Israel made it clear in the past that will not allow the transfer of arms " breaker " Shiite organization

Kuwait reports : Israeli source says IDF jets bombed yesterday (Monday) , which was designated shipping arms to Syria for Hezbollah . According to the report , the shipment included only one truck and attacked result given " advanced missiles " in favor of Hezbollah .
According to the report , Hezbollah host the most advanced weapons in the Bekaa Valley , the newspaper said Defense Minister Ya'alon said that Israel Her mind is to attack the missiles that are already stored by Hezbollah and Lebanon Valley .

Recently been many reports on the IDF's air operations over Lebanon . Networks reported that four Arab fighters entered Lebanon's airspace and were accompanied by a UAV . However, the Kuwaiti newspaper was not informed whether the assault occurred on Syrian soil or on Lebanese soil . In addition, the reports referred to the alleged incident that occurred on Tuesday , compared to the current report relates to an incident on Monday.

January, Arab media reported that the Israeli Air Force carried out an attack in the border of Lebanon and Syria , probably against a convoy of weapons , on concern that Hezbollah will take weapons and chemical weapons from Syria . A security official told AFP that attacked arms convoy crossed the border from Syria to Lebanon .

In May this year , Israeli officials have confirmed to the news agency AP . According to the Syrian air force bombed the delivery of advanced missiles , which was intended for Hezbollah. According to the same sources , the attack took place on Friday morning and focused on the destruction of weapons ' tiebreaker . They added that this surface missiles - long-range land .

If the reports are true , it is at least a third assault weapons convoy in the year. Since the beginning of this year Israel attacked twice in the territory of Sudan , and destroyed weapons and ammunition convoys destined for Hamas , and a factory that manufactured weapons . As mentioned, the attack also approved by the director Israeli officials .

Defense Minister today the possibility of switching Syrian weapons advanced to Hezbollah when he said " We monitor it and keep the red lines of our - not to allow the transfer of chemical weapons into the hands of hostility and not violate the Rivenotno Golan. When that happens we destroy the tool Shooter us, in the latter case it cannon was Syrian . "