Thursday, October 24, 2013

Now Turkey, Qatar bail on Obama.

Iran’s ‘biggest enemies’ have change of heart following U.S. reproachment


JERUSALEM — It’s not only Saudi Arabia. Now major U.S. allies Turkey and Qatar are discussing developing closer relations with Russia at the expense of America, according to informed Middle Eastern security officials.

In a shocking development, the security officials further said Qatar and Turkey are leading secret talks to study the possibility of renewing relations with foes Syria and Iran in response to President Obama opening dialogue with Tehran over the nuclear file.

Qatar and Turkey, along with Saudi Arabia, were deeply involved in supporting the insurgency targeting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Those countries are said to be some of the biggest opponents to Iran’s alleged nuclear aspirations.

According to the security officials speaking to KleinOnline, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are disappointed with Obama’s reproach toward Iran and what they view as a U.S. failure to act militarily in Syria.

“They view America has losing major credibility,” said one official

The foreign ministers of Qatar and Turkey, the officials say, have been quietly discussing a change in attitude toward Syria and Iran along with closer strategic relations with Russia that could include weapons and oil deals.

Yesterday, the Jerusalem Post reported Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, said his country will make a “major shift” away from its relationship with the United States in protest over Obama’s dialogue with Iran and inaction in Syria.

Bee's note: 
"Yesterday marked the 30th Anniversary of an Iran-Led Attack on an American peacekeeping force in Lebanon.
The families of 241 Americans who died, as well as those who survived, the Marine Corps, Secure America Now, and others recognize the sacrifice of these Americans, those who died and those injured.
And we remember that Iran planned and executed this terrorist attack.
Sadly, the White House and the Department of Defense, deliberately failed to recognize Iran's central role in the attack against the United States. The Obama Administration neglects to consider the fact that the commander of the 1983 attack is now serving as Iran's Defense Minister. Moreover Iran's radical Islamic regime -- which funded and executed the attack -- is still in power. Learn more about Iran's 30+ Year War Against America.
Why did the Obama Administration "forget" Iran's role?
The Obama Administration wants to cut a foolish deal with Iran -- whereby the United States eases economic pressures on Iran, and allows Iran to continue pursuing its nuclear program.
By distorting the history of the 1983 state-sponsored terror attack, the Obama Administration wishes to conceal the true threat of Iran and give false comfort to Americans. Iran gladly accepts the ploy, as it encourages America's enemies to continue their charge."  -- by Tony Attanasio
Once again, as I mentioned earlier today, the Obama administration does whatever necessary to hide, conceal, and change history, to cover up the deeds of America's enemies.  I believe in doing so, this amounts to treason, as the Oath of Office is to protect these United States, under the US Constitution.  Perhaps one day someone will explain (excuse) why our leaders prefer to ignore the policies of an administration that place America in "harm's way".  Iran's hatred towards Israel is matched by its hatred towards the "Big Satan" - the United States.  As you look at photos of the 1983 bombing, ask yourself if these are lessons "unlearned".